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Hymen Repair

Hymen Repair Surgery (Hymenoplasty, Re-Virgination)

Hymen is very thin membrane present in lower part of vagina. Intact hymen is the sign of virginity. Hymen gets ruptured or torn after first sexual intercourse or with excessive athletic activities. Hymen can be repaired thus restoring the virginity. Hymenoplasty is one of the fastest growing segments in cosmetic surgery.

Purpose :
To repair the torn, ruptured hymen giving the vagina a virgin look and making you mentally secure.

Procedure :
Hymenoplasty is restoration of the ring like membrane partially covering the opening of vagina (the hymen). In this procedure tissues of original torn hymen are put back together in normal position to restore a “virgin” look.

Duration of Procedure: 1 hr
Anesthesia: Local with sedation or regional.
Recovery Time: With in 24 hrs.
Longevity of Results: Permanent till sexual encounter or very strenuous activity.

If you are looking for hymenoplasty surgery, hymen repair in India, re-virgination surgery in India then your best choice is Olmec plastic and cosmetic surgery Hospital Delhi, India. You may visit our Hospital for detailed consultation and in-depth evaluation to reach a personalized treatment plan.

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