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Nose Job

Candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery Delhi

Are you the right candidate for rhinoplasty surgery?

If you are unsatisfied about how your nose looks and wants the way it looks or you want to change some feature of your nose. you think your nose is big or too big for your face and makes it small If you have a crooked, asymmetrical, broken nose and wants to correct it. If your nose is thick and you want to make it thin or you want your nose tip refined, you can see a significant change with nose reshaping( Nose Job) medically termed as Rhinoplasty Surgery. Sometimes Rhinoplasty Surgery or Nose job is done to improve your breathing functions. To know whether you are a good candidate for Nose Job Surgery, Surgeons will evaluate you on some factors like Age, Weight, Health, Smoking, Your Expectations, Your Psychology.


Your Expectations for Nose Reshaping

It is very obvious that Rhinoplasty Surgery results will last a lifetime, Any experienced Plastic Surgeon performing Nose Job Surgery only discuss the realistic outcome of your surgery rather than taking you to ride of dreams. An experienced plastic surgeon will always look for realistic expectation in a patient. From a surgeon’s point of view, efforts are always on getting a functional and beautiful nose. Though if there is a limitation in the surgery, It is always explained during the consultation. The patient should always be realistic and should understand that Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery will change your nose but not your life. Rhinoplasty will surely boost one’s confidence.

Age Limitation


Age is the important factor for a patient seeking rhinoplasty surgery (Nose Job). Rhinoplasty is one of the common procedure performed and offered by Plastic Surgeon around the world. According to the data patient seeking rhinoplasty falls under the age of 40. Rhinoplasty is a common procedure in cosmetic surgery performed in a patient under age 20.

Many surgeons prefer to postpone Rhinoplasty Surgery and perform it after Patient has grown till his or her maturity. Male reaches to their maturity after 18 and Female reaches maturity after 15 to 16 years. To wait till the maturity is considered must by some Plastic Surgeons including Dr Narendra Kaushik. The reason behind this to not disturb the facial growth and wait until the face is fully grown. Nasal Septum is one of the important factors in the midface growth and it keeps on changing until the maturity. Any changes in the septum will hinder the development of midface leaving midface imbalanced and causing deformity. Though if the patient has suffered some facial or Nasal injury, Nose reshaping (Nose Job) can be performed. In such cases, some touch up may be required when the patient reaches the maturity

There is no upper age limit in getting Rhinoplasty unless the patient is healthy and Anesthesiologist approves him/her to fit to undergo surgery

Patient’s Psychology (Mental Health)

Surgeons apart from being physically fit also prefers patients to be Mentally Healthy. Psychology of patient is evaluated at the time of consultation and can be judged for Rhinoplasty at the same time. If a patient is emotionally happy and happy with his or her life and seeking rhinoplasty, Will likely be happier after the surgery and will accept the Rhinoplasty in a positive way. Every patient should be able to communicate freely regarding their surgery and clear all his/her doubts about Nose Job. Communicating well with your cosmetic surgeon is considered as a sign of good mental health. Patient him/herself should actively take part in asking pre-operative care question and as well as post-operative care. Actively taking part in small things before or after the surgery will make you more open and satisfied with the result that you will get after the surgery.



Dr Kaushik at Olmec Healthcare Advice patient to quit smoking before 1 or month of any surgery that he performs in day to day to life. The main reason behind his asking the patient to quit smoking is “Smoking reduces the blood circulation in the body and increases the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood stream”. Increased Carbon Monoxide in the blood stream will not let blood circulate and as a result, there can be a problem in inter-operative and post-operative care. There are many chances of increased complication if you are a regular smoker. Smoking has a huge impact on healing after the surgery.
Moreover, any kind of drug addiction is strictly denied before the surgery.

These are some few points that one can read and increase their level of understanding towards Rhinoplasty that they are thinking about. You can evaluate yourself whether you are a good candidate for Rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi. If you want to consult Dr Narendra Kaushik for the Rhinoplasty Surgery you can go to the contact us section of our website.

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