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Cleft Lip Surgery

Cleft Lip and Palate Repair in Delhi

Cleft Lip and Palate Repair


The birth of child is always one of the prettiest moments and if you have been gifted with a baby that is perfectly healthy, then the happiness gets multiplied. However, all the parents are not that lucky because in some cases babies are born with a defect known as cleft lip palate. It is a defect that gets developed during the first trimester of the pregnancy. The tissue formation of the lips does not happen properly that creates a gap between the upper portion of the mouth and the nose. It also affects the roof of the mouth and causes improper alignment and displaced teeth. The situation is very disheartening for the parents because apart from aesthetic factor, it causes problem in speaking and the poor child gets tremendous inferiority complex in later life. Children might get hearing problems and deafness too.

The effects of this deformity are very severe and apart from the cosmetic part, the development also gets impacted. Kids are unable to speak properly and sometimes they are unable to speak at all. The defect in pronunciation creates a great difference among the peer group. The corrective surgery must be done as early as possible because it increases the chances of quick recovery.


There is nothing to worry because there are rays of hope with Olmec Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik and his expert team. Dr. Kaushik is expert in all variants of cosmetic surgery including cleft lip palate repair. Olmec is located at New Delhi, the capital of India and its convenient location makes it extremely approachable. It is one of the most advanced centres with latest technology and modern equipment. The infrastructure is at par with the international standard and cosmetic surgery procedures are available in very reasonable price. Get all cosmetic surgery solutions under one roof at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery!

The process adapted to correct the cleft lip is not very simple and the surgeon has to be extremely perfect and experienced. The lips and the gums are brought together and the natural alignment is restored. The shape is recreated by plastic surgery process.

Cleft lip palate repair surgery is a complicated one where multiple factors have to be considered. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik is founder of Olmec Cosmetic Surgery and one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons of India. The perfectionist approach of Dr. Kaushik makes him a doctor with superb success rate and therefore thousands of patients come back happily after taking treatment and getting the problems corrected. He performs the surgery to correct and normalize the facial structure by reforming and restructuring the affected area. Patients get almost correct structure and significant improvement in looks and speech quality. Apart from the surgical process, there are specialist speech therapy experts and nutrition guides provide their services to address nourishment and communication related issues.

Do not get frustrated and disappointed with the problem of cleft lip any more. Fix the appointment with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kaushik and plan the surgery date. Get the beautiful smile back on your baby’s face again!

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