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facial fracture surgery

Facial Fractures Plastic Surgery

Facial Fractures, Jaw (Mandible) Fracture, Nasal Bone Fracture, Zygoma and Orbital Fracture


Face injuries are very common and plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics play a significant role in recreating the facial structure and restoring the damage. Contact Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik to seek the appointment and get the best treatment using state-of-the-art facilities. Your endeavour for the best cosmetic surgery solution ends at Olmec. What you get here is the polite and supportive medical personnel, ultramodern machines and the best strategic location, i.e. New Delhi, the capital of India. Call the clinic and they will schedule appointment on the basis of your and doctor’s availability.


 Facial Fractures


The face is one of the most delicate parts of the human body and that’s why nature has made sufficient arrangements to keep it secured from injuries and fractures. There is rarely an occasion when normal accidents cause major facial fractures. However, modern lifestyle and increased sports and travel activities have increased the risk of major injuries.Detailed investigation and tests are required to assess the severity of damage because face is made up of complex structure with multiple individual and distinct bones .Traumatic Injuries on these bones may cause multiple and simple compound fractures.Since all major veins to the brain pass through this area, the complication increases multiple times. Expert doctors at Olmec would do the thorough analysis of your case in consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik and then plan for the treatment. Facial fractures need to be taken very seriously because it can cause major issues, if not treated properly.


Jaw (Mandible) fracture


Jaws play a major role in the facial construct and they are complex due the inherent mobility. These are the major bones that bear the teeth and the delicate area. Any major hit on the jaws would cause damage to the teeth and their alignment as well. Doctors need to closely check the damage caused to the bones and the teeth. Realignment and fixing of jaws might be required before repairing the damaged bones. There are screws and micro plates are used for realignment. The surgery is quite complex and therefore require great expertise and precision. Jaw is a complex structure and it plays a major role in providing the basic looks of the face. The mobility of jaws makes the treatment further complex. Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Centre has the latest technology and know-how of mandible fracture treatment. The most crucial part of mandible surgery is restoration of the mobility. Only expert cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Narendra Kaushik can do it with accuracy at Olmec!


 Nasal bone fracture


Nose is another delicate and critical part of the body. It is made from soft and semi-soft bones and injuries of nose can cause other complications as well. If there are no other complications than the simple bone fracture, correcting the alignment will do. However, in case of complications multiple surgeries are required. The micro nerves connecting to the brain makes the treatment further complicated. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik analyses every case and then decide for the appropriate treatment.


Zygoma and Orbital Fracture


In the technical language the cheek bones are called Zygoma. There are very rare chances when somebody gets fracture as Zygoma, but the treatment is complex. Almost in all the cases of Zygoma and orbital fracture, surgery is involved. Reporting the damage of such cases needs thorough investigation to ensure there is no fatal injury. Delicate surgical process is involved after CT scan and other tests. Doctors at Olmec will assure about the other complications and then suggest the best method.

Facial fracture is a special category of injuries and the clinics and doctors have to be well equipped for the treatment. Olmec Cosmetic Surgery is a centre for not only cosmetic surgeries, but the traumatic surgery facilities are also available with all the necessary equipment. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik has a vast experience of doing all types of corrective surgeries. The convenient location and expert medical staff will help the maximum extent so that the problem is completely cured. Patients seek the help of Olmec and Dr. Narendra Kaushik not only from all parts of the country, but from abroad as well. There are various reasons of facial injuries like sports, minor or major accidents, workplace injuries, etc. Treat them with utmost care and seriousness in order to regain the aesthetic and functional condition prior to injury. Come to Olmec and restore the old status with new methods of treatment!

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