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Fue Hair Transplant

FUT or FUE which one is better?

FUT or FUE which one is better

After taking decision of undergoing Hair transplantation, you need to take one more decision in choosing correct hair transplant method for you. This article is dedicated to those who are still confused in choosing the best suitable hair transplant method for them. There are basically two hair transplant methods proven for doing Hair transplantation.  FUT Hair Transplant Method and FUE Hair transplant method.

Before Coming to any decision we will first look at the basic concept of each method and how they are different from each other, to understand them better.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): One of the most successful methods, FUT have come a long with many developments and improvement in the traditional FUT Hair transplant method. Since the origin of the concept of Hair restoration, FUT method was there to give best results possible. In FUT method, Hair strip is removed from the back of the scalp (which is the “Donor Area”). Back of the scalp is sutured with best possible minimum scaring technique so that it is nearly invisible and no trace of hair transplant done is noticed.

This is strip is then separated microscopically to give hair grafts. These Hair grafts occur naturally in the group of 1, 2, 3 and 4 hairs. Keeping hair grafts undamaged and natural these hair grafts are then transplanted to the bald area with best possible density to give natural and real result. The scar turns into fine white line which is invisible in shortest possible hairs and gets nearly invisible with the time.


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):  FUE is newly developed hair restoration method which is getting popular day by day. In FUE method hair grafts are prepared by extracting individual hair grafts with the help of micro-punch. A small white scar is left where the graft is extracted and yes hair density decreases in that area. Hair grafts being sensitive, there is very low survival rate for hair grafts in FUE method and chances are that  you may be left with no result or poor result.

Pain and Healing

Coming to healing part of the procedures, Hair transplant with both the method is performed under local anesthesia. If required Dr Kaushik being a plastic surgeon is qualified and experienced to perform it under general anesthesia. In Post op FUT procedure a slight tension with temporary numbness can be experienced. While in FUE method no tension and numbness can be experienced. Little swelling can be experienced in both the hair transplant method.

Final Verdict

Every method has its plus and minus, a correct decision of choosing suitable hair transplant method can only be made after total examination by a qualified plastic surgeon. At Olmec we will provide you all the suitable options after examination with proper information. To consult Dr Narendra Kaushik fill out the form.


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