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Hand Surgery for Trauma

The role of plastic surgery is not limited to make the cosmetic corrections in the body. Of course that is one of the important application of it, but there is a significant role to correct the deformities caused by accidents and trauma. Clinics like Olmec Cosmetic Surgery has the latest facilities and equipment to provide world-class treatment for specific area like hand trauma. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik underlines the importance of treatment for hand trauma and refers it as the most complicated and the most developed structure of human anatomy. The probability of getting hand injuries is very high and great number of injuries reported every year where plastic surgery is the only option to make the things at right.

Understanding hand trauma

Technically speaking, any injury of hand is a hand trauma, whether it is open or closed and that has caused damage to the muscles, skins, joints and the bone structure of hand or wrist. It might sound strange, but there has to be specialized centre for the treatment of hand trauma. Centres like Olmec have special unit and skilled staff to treat the damages of hands. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik is expert of all variants of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The centre is well equipped with magnification devices and micro-surgical equipment that are useful for hand trauma surgeries. 24×7 support and expert medical personnel make it possible to provide treatment at any time. Dr. Narendra Kaushik has performed many such surgeries in the past and the feedback, remarks and testimonials of thousands of the satisfied customers speak about his expertise absolutely loud and clear.

Any injury to hand may cause hand trauma and in any case it should not be taken lightly. Hands are perhaps the most complicated and intricate part of our body. The design and mechanism of the hands can provide a superfine control to the delicate movements. The injuries might not look very serious, but they can cause great harm to the body. The case must be reported immediately, whether it is a fracture or damage to the soft tissues and even the bite injuries. Although hand trauma is seldom fatal, but there is a huge direct and indirect loss due to hand injuries. At one side, there is pain and discomfort to the patient, on the other side there is a loss of productivity due to the person not able to perform his regular duties.

Types of hand trauma

If we consider the tremendous use of the hands in all the daily activities, it is very easy to imagine about the high probability of getting them damaged. There are various types of hand trauma that are possible to treat at cosmetic surgery centres like Olmec. Time is the most critical factor while treating hand trauma and the success highly depends on how much early it was reported.

  • Cuts and wounds: Although it sounds very normal, but cuts and wounds can also be traumatic depending on the severity of the damage. There can be cases where multiple stitches, skin grafting, skin flap or even high-level plastic surgery is required. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik has a vast experience of treating such cases successfully.
  • Crushed fingers: It is a typical type of injury, normally caused due to accident at work. The fingers are most delicate part of the hands and there is a need of microsurgery. The specialist has to be experiences and perfect for performing the complex surgical procedure and the percentage of movement and efficiency post treatment is highly depend on the perfection. There might multiple rounds of surgeries required to restore the complete functionality.
  • Accidental amputation: This can be caused by a sharp object like knife, animal bite, etc. Time is the most critical factor in such cases and the part of the finger has to be washed thoroughly and kept in a bag of ice. If taken immediately to the plastic surgeon, the chances of reattaching it by tissue repair become very high. There will be full restoration of activity, sensation and strength in the damaged finger.

Treating hand trauma is not a simple thing and it can’t be performed at any simple hospital. There are specific equipment and methodology required to treat it. The surgeon must have the expertise of assessing the severity of the damage and then plan the treatment accordingly. Dr. Narendra Kaushik has developed a great infrastructure at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery where patients can be treated with the state-of-the-art methods and techniques.