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Head & Neck Reconstruction

The surgical process carried out to remove the tumour/cancer results in large defects which can be extremely disturbing and frightening. These defects may also hinder in certain functions like speech, swallowing, breathing as well as vision. With the tremendous advancement in reconstructive surgery, the defects can easily be covered with autogenous tissues. The reconstructive surgery can either be done immediately after the tumour removal or at a later stage once the area has been declared tumor-free. With obvious reasons, the reconstructive surgery after cancer treatment is one of the major psychological benefits to the patient as well as to the family as it keeps the appearance and looks nearly normal thus improving the quality of life.

Head & Neck Reconstruction After Cancer Surgery

Patients suffering from cancer of head or neck region face the toughest moments of life. The problem is not only fatal but also leaves impressions on the appearance. The result of the surgical process done to remove cancerous tumours can be extremely disturbing, devastating and frightening. Expert cosmetic surgeons like Dr Narendra Kaushik have been working to reconstruct the original shape of head and neck after cancer surgery. Plastic surgery centres like Olmec Cosmetic Surgery provides the best facilities to correct the deformity in the best possible manner. The treatment is complex and the procedure is quite lengthy. However, the experts at Olmec put their best of efforts to help patients during the long-running treatment.


Revolution in the head and neck reconstruction

Last few years have been revolutionary in terms of head and neck reconstruction surgery. The treatment of cancer has also seen a major change and it is no more a disease that is completely incurable. The major advancement has resulted in more and more successful cases of cured cancer and therefore an increased need of reconstruction surgery. The surgery is surely very complex and requires vary minute complex corrections. Dr. Narendra Kaushik leads the team of specialist doctors at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Centre that works on the patients to provide the state-of-the-art solution for treatment of head and neck reconstruction.


 How does Olmec help patients in effective reconstruction?


Olmec always believes that patient has to be consulted and completely explained regarding the plan of action and the treatment has to be designed on the basis of individual needs. There is a specific requirement of every patient and there is no generic treatment. The expert doctors at Olmec carefully go through the complete case history; damage caused to the affected reason and then decides the methodology. Weekly meetings are scheduled to discuss the way forward. The basic needs of the patients are understood to suggest the treatment.


The objective of all these experts is to provide the best output to the patient in terms of cosmetic point of view. The reconstruction results in almost natural looks and fully functional body parts that help the patient in living a normal life. This is one of the distinguishing factor or Olmec that keeps it distinctively different among all other clinics.


The process and solution


Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Centre uses special techniques before the operation. A detailed planning is done to determine the exact reconstructive operation.  The objective of Olmec is to provide the best treatment with minimum trouble and pain to the customer.

There are some basic techniques that help a lot:


  • Preliminary analysis of the defect
  • Grafting of skin
  • Flap technique


The surgery that is performed to remove cancer causes extensive harm to the face, neck and other parts of the upper body. Apart from the pain and mental stress that is faced due to cancer, there is a great amount of trauma and challenges for the patient. There might be a loss of sensation and speech, the problem of swallowing and speaking, airway and windpipe related problems, eating and other challenges. The experts at Olmec perform the reconstructive surgery of neck and head to bring back the as near normal functions as possible.


The solution


The fundamental objective of reconstructive surgery of head and neck is to restore the original shape and appearance, regain the original mobility and functioning or to get both these benefits. Whatever may be the objective, it is extremely required that the team of cosmetic surgeons has to be expert, experienced and proficient. At Olmec, the team of plastic surgeons has all these capabilities under the guidance of Dr Narendra Kaushik with his vast experience of handling a variety of such cases.  These doctors would work on microsurgery, procedures for general reconstruction, aesthetic aspect of the face, repair of skin and fat tissues, maxillofacial surgery, etc.


Facial correction surgery is one of the most complicated surgeries because it is performed on the most delicate part of the body. All the nerves and veins are extremely sensitive and the mistake of even a millimetre would cause dangerous effects. Head and neck reconstruction is performed to bring back not only the functioning of the vital parts, but it is actually a reconstruction of the lost identity and rebuilding the personality. Patients have a terrible time after the recovery from one of the deadliest diseases and therefore require counselling, mental support and sympathy. Olmec is working hard to bring back the normal life in the patients by putting the best efforts in this field of cosmetic surgery.


Treatment of Non-Healing Ulcers


Non-healing of the wounds and ulcers is a common entity. There are several reasons which may result in delayed or non-healing like weak immunity, nutritional deficiencies, diabetes or any other chronic disease. Though the correction of any of these associations needs treatment, the non-healing area should be removed and replaced with a normal healthy tissue either in the form of skin grafting or in the form of flap covers. In this way, the reconstructive surgery becomes a wonderful tool for removal of this chronic debilitating problem.s