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Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery performed nowadays. Since Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, It is successful only after achieving what the patient actually wanted.It is very important to evaluate what are the patients requirement at the time of the consultation and what problems He or She is facing and Why he or she is going for Nose Job Surgery in the first place. These all things should be marked down.

After marking them down it is now possible to plan what should be done in the particular case. Most of the patient, They come with the demand of more slimmer and small nose. Most of the women, They want a low profile, narrower width and with more refined and sharp tip. But it is up to the Nose Job Surgeon’s evaluation that it is possible or not. Most of the surgeon will examine the Nose Structure and Anatomy Internally and Externally. While examining the anatomy of the nose, What realistic results can be concluded from it, Should be in the mind. If the realistic results that are discussed are possible.


Operative Planning

Plastic Surgeon does all the Operative planning at the time of consultation. In Operative planning, The Plastic surgeon will keep in mind the certain factors that are mentioned below.

  • If the Nose is big or wide, How much reduction is required?
  • What kind of Surgical cutting of the bone is required?
  • If certain Job is required to be done on the Nose Tip?
  • In most the Big or Wider Nose Cases, Base Reduction is required. If applicable how much base reduction is required?
  • Assess the functional factors of the patient nose. Functional factors should not be disturbed.
  • The surgeon has to make sure that he or she will be comfortable in dealing with the problem on the table, required assessment falls in their comfort zone.


After all the assessment and evaluation, Surgeons have to discuss all the possible and realistic results in Nose Job or Rhinoplasty with the patient. One of the Most Important thing that most of the surgeon miss out is to assess the psychology of a patient at best possible level. Whether he or she will be comfortable with the results they will get. Explain them all the risk factors involved in any surgical procedure that Nose Job Surgeon will be do in General Anaesthesia. Ask your Patient to wait for at least 9 Months to 1 Year to fully settle down with their results.

Ask your Patient to wait for at least 9 Months to 1 Year to fully settle down with their results. For Clinical Assessment and Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi, you can consult Dr Narendra Kaushik by filling the contact form on this website


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      I am from Mauritius, I want to have my nose slimmer

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