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About Olmec

Olmec is one of the most trusted names in the world of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, founded by Internationally acclaimed Senior Plastic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik (MBBS, MS, MCh, DNB, MNAMSc) with an experience of over 14 years.

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Cosmetic | Plastic Surgery

If you want to look as you feel or fix a lifelong flaw that is bothering you – Olmec with its state of art facilities and advanced technologies, will help you in a natural and safe way.

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24x7 Care

The Hospital boasts of 24X7 availability of Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon. We are proud to have specially trained staff to provide unparallel care and attention. All our staff is kept updated with latest advances and technology through various education programs.

Meet Your Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Narendra Kaushik, Plastic Surgeon MBBS,MS,MCh,DNB Founder of Olmec Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is one of the leading plastic/cosmetic surgeon in New Delhi, India. Know more about the cosmetic/plastic surgeon.

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Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery: The way to feel best of you

Cosmetic surgery, commonly referred to as Plastic Surgery involves reforming the structure of body parts and this field has progressed a lot in the past few decades. Due to the constant development in this field, media has increased its share of voice and many people open to exploring this option. The role of attractiveness has become primary to many today and cosmetic surgery is the answer. Through cosmetic surgery, we aim at boosting the individual’s self-esteem and positive body image leading to a better quality of life. We mostly offer aesthetic cosmetic surgery solutions which involve functional corrections. E.g., Rhinoplasty – restructuring the nose, Blepharoplasty – reshaping the eyelid to improve the field of vision, Reduction Mammoplasty – reduction in the breast tissue to relieve back and shoulder pain, Abdominoplasty – Also called ‘tummy tuck’ and involves restructuring and firming the abdomen.  A cosmetic surgery goes a long way in making an individual feel great about himself and improves the overall well-being of the person.

In this era of good looks, there is nothing wrong if you want to change the way you look.OLMEC – Your first and last choice for plastic and cosmetic surgery Delhi India with its start of art facilities and advanced technology will help you naturally and safely. There is no reason you should hesitate and feel shy about undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

Why Olmec?

Olmec with its beautiful ambiance is carefully created to make you feel special. DELHI INDIA based renowned plastic & cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik runs the hospital with vast and trusted experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. The Clinic is fully equipped with modern facilities giving you an endless array of options, surgical as well as non-surgical under one roof to improve your appearance and function. We realize the most advanced technology and superior facilities are not enough, which is why we give our patients things they don’t get at every hospital – love, personalized care and attention.

Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Tourism in India Delhi

People across the world are looking to India as a hub for Medical tourism for cosmetic surgery. Treatment here costs just 10 25 % of what it costs there In Western countries, besides practically no waiting period for surgery here. The advantage lies at OLMEC The Plastic and cosmetic surgery center DELHI INDIA, which is a Global destination for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and laser treatment. Being situated in the world-class city New Delhi, the capital of India we are committed to giving best infrastructure and highest possible standard of quality with personalized care and attention not only to the patients but also to the relatives making their stay with us a joyful experience at an affordable cost.

Are you Thinking How much it Costs?

Over the period costs of cosmetic surgery have come down considerably owing to advancement and refinement in medical technologies while keeping the quality going up. We at OLMEC PLASTIC AND COSMETIC SURGERY DELHI INDIA are able to offer affordable prices because this Hospital is exclusively dedicated to providing cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and laser treatments.

We encourage you to contact us for detailed evaluation to reach a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs and achieve best results.


Breast Augmentation

Undoubtedly perkier, shapely breasts make a woman feel complete. Thanks to the advanced cosmetic surgery, this can be reality for any woman. The breast implants have been declared safe. More about breast augmentation


Liposuction (removal of excess fat by suctioning it with fine cannula), is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures being performed. Demanding lifestyle, sedentary habits and altered food habits invariably lead to disproportionate fat deposits. The excessive fat gradually makes us sick and leads to higher chances of developing diabetes, blood pressure, snoring (sleep apnea) and deranged lipid profile which in turn predisposes us for cardiac problems. This prevents us doing exercises too.

Hair Transplant

Hair loss or baldness (commonly called as Male pattern baldness) affects a majority of the population world-wide. It starts with thinning of the hair followed by more loss of hair, thus revealing more of the scalp. For some men this process starts by the time they are in their late teens. It is a usual perception that 'hairiness' is synonymous to 'masculinity' and lack of hair (baldness) is lack of masculinity. Whether hereditary or acquired, it does give the individual an older look and reduces his overall confidence.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdomen (tummy) becomes lax and hanging after child birth or weight fluctuations. Quality of skin becomes poor especially in lower abdomen with existing stretch marks and previous adherent scars. The muscles of abdomen become weak and lax giving a typical bulging tummy look. Abdominoplasty is an excellent procedure to restore normalcy of abdomen making it flat.
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Medical Council of India
International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Indian Medical Association
International Board of Medicine and Surgery
Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
Delhi Medical Council
Directorate of Health Services
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Association of Plastic Surgeons of India
Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Patient Reviews

Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Hospital Offers all types of Surgery Treatments in Delhi at reosonable pricesOlmec Cosmetic, Gynecomastia, Rhinoplasty, Hymenoplasty Surgery Clinic
Got done mommy make over for my wife.....i m thrilled to see her confidence after the procedures. WE decided to go for her rhinoplasty, Amzing change in her personality. Myself underwent male breast treatment, i couldnt believe the best results,,, I will never forget Dr Kaushik for his help.Deepak Sahu
i am very happy that i choose olmec. staff is very caring and friendly. thanks to Dr kaushik. thanks to olmec. Got the best result in liposuction never expected that.. thanks a lotSorathiya Payal
I was fed up with my twisted on my self confidence. I met Dr. Narendra Kaushik (Plastic Surgeon) and got operated for nose at Olmec. It is great feeling and a grand success for me. I feel indebted to Dr. Kaushik his team and Olmec thanks a billion. Mamtaz Bagum
Thank You so much Olmec team! I've never had such a wonderful experience with any doctor before. Thank you for making me believe in myself and my personality. I owe you from my heart. Dr. Kaushik, consultation with you proved as a stepping stone of my life. jyoti narwal
I would like to thank the staff for taking very good care of me. Excellent Doctor....Thanks Dr. KaushikRegards, Annuannu soni
Doctor and staff provided excellent professional and courteous care.Thanks a lot........Olmec!Pooran Pratapp Bisht
Best experience! Doctor and the staff is really nice. Would go for another surgery soon! :)Meenakshi Sharma
Vikash Kumar
One of the best surgeon Dr. Kaushik....Rohit Kushwaha

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