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Miscellaneous (Margret West)

My Name is Margret West and I would like to share a little about my experience at the Olmec Clinic. Clinic with those who may be wondering if this is the place for them.In 2015 I had Weight loss Surgery and lost 70 Ibs. Over 15 months As much as this was a huge victory for me, Some of the beauty that I Once felt was lost in the amount of fat and slim that reminded and the sag in my breast from breast feeding three children . I knew the completion of my transformation Journey would include some plastics.I researched medical tourism in the Donmizan Republic as well as Mexico. In 2011, I visited India for work as an Importer buyer. I was amazed by this countries highest level if hospitality for visitors and was also aware the country had excellent Physicians when I decided to have Procedures done in India. I sent pictures and requested into from 11 different doctors all over India, read reviews etc. Let my research save you the time and trouble – Olmec Clinic is the Place to Choose.Upon arrival we were showered with Flowers and blessings by the Staff. From day one, Olmec clinic felt like a Bed and Breakfast atmosphere that offered superior medical care. We were treated like welcomed family. The service is very one-to-one which in the USA is not common. The Nurses and ‘’Sisters’’ as they are referred were gentle and constantly accommodating. The reception and staff handle all needs big or small like Private Concierge service.I would love to share my experience/results with anyone who has questions or interest in Dr. Kaushik or Olmec

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