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My Name is Margret West and I would like to share a little about my experience at the Olmec Clinic. Clinic with those who may be wondering if this is the place for them.In 2015 I had Weight loss Surgery and lost 70 Ibs. Over 15 months As much as this was a huge victory for me, Some of the beauty that I Once felt was lost in the amount of fat and slim that reminded and the sag in my breast from breast feeding three children . I knew the completion of my transformation Journey would include some plastics.I researched medical tourism in the Donmizan Republic as well as Mexico. In 2011, I visited India for work as an Importer buyer. I was amazed by this countries highest level if hospitality for visitors and was also aware the country had excellent Physicians when I decided to have Procedures done in India. I sent pictures and requested into from 11 different doctors all over India, read reviews etc. Let my research save you the time and trouble – Olmec Clinic is the Place to Choose.Upon arrival we were showered with Flowers and blessings by the Staff. From day one, Olmec clinic felt like a Bed and Breakfast atmosphere that offered superior medical care. We were treated like welcomed family. The service is very one-to-one which in the USA is not common. The Nurses and ‘’Sisters’’ as they are referred were gentle and constantly accommodating. The reception and staff handle all needs big or small like Private Concierge service.I would love to share my experience/results with anyone who has questions or interest in Dr. Kaushik or Olmec

Margret West*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person

wilson-rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty:
I was very concerned about having surgery as I am an older adult male. But I have not been able to bath for several years due to many facial injuries.when I arrived I was greeted warmly, I was treated like a guest in someone’s home. The doctor was very Professional and more importantly, ethical. He took the time to explain the procedure and was with me throughout the whole experience.In the USA they Kick you out of the hospital as soon as the operation is over. Not here.I stayed in a very nice room surrounded by doctors and nurses, His whole staff, from associates to administration to the nurses and housekeepers are incredible. one nurse was always a few feet away.Incredible Experience

.D. Wilson*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person

Wilson testimonial Liposuction:
This was an Amazing experience, The Doctor and his staff were exenplary Very Professional, Very Dedicated, From day one, everyone was on the same page. The nurses take care of us like a family member. Even his administrative and housekeeping staff checked on me daily.These people work long and hard hours. They treat their career as a ‘’calling’’not just a ’’job’’! The operation was a success and am more than pleased with the results!D. Wilson*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
This has been an amazing experience on many levels!From the time we were greeted at the airport until the time we departed.The Doctor is very Knowledgeable and Personable on every level. His work is Second to none!The Surgical team and entire staff are very helpful, gracious and accommodating!

I am truly pleased with the outcome of all my Procedures and the post op attention and care I received! I can’t thank the Olmec team enough for making our staff a truly pleasurable experience!

Steve*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person

Robert-Cochrane-001.jpg Hair Transplant:
I undergone Hair transplant on 4/ 5 / 2015. I have had no pain from hair transplant and the operation was a complete success. I have found the staff at Olmec to be professional and very helpful. I was picked up from air port and left back to airport, also there was more than enough food provided and the food was good. Big thanks to all at Olmec.Robert Cochrane*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Nishtha-Gaur-001.jpg Rhinoplasty:
Hi, My name is Nishtha Gaur, last past years I was not satisfied with my nose shape. I felt very embarrass all time. Then I decided to enhance my look with the procedure of Rhinoplasty. After that procedure I am very happy with my shape of nose my whole look become change. My doctor Mr. Narendra Kaushik ji is good human being I personally felt that. And very co-operative also. He always gives me mantaly support and all the staff of the clinic very humble and polite…that is Great experience for me. I am very Happy and glad for Olmec.
Thank You.
N.Gaur.Nishtha Gaur*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Ankit-Rana-001.jpg Hair Transplant:
Today Hair Transplant of my son Ankit Rana done at Olmec Clinic. Staff level is supportive & helpful. Attendants was also helpful. Dr., who conducted the operation, was also helpful and supportive. Very good experience in the clinic.
R. P. Singh
(Father of Ankit Rana)Ankit Ran*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Sanjeev Saxena HT 18 aug'2015 Hair Transplant:
I had a great experience @ OLMEC. Dr. Kaushik was very detailed in explaining the plan and procedure along with realistic expectations. The procedure was about 8 hours and throughout this period I was provided with what was being done. All steps was taken taken to keep me comfortable. The entire staff was friendly, professional and accommodating. I was overall impressed with Olmec, Dr. kaushik and entire staff. I anxiously wait for the results which should be about 3 months from today. I will definitely be back for additional procedure.
Sanjeev Saxena (USA)*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Clare-Williams-001.jpg Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Scar Removal:
I travelled from London to Olmec Hospital, India for six weeks for a procedure. I was very fearful initially as I have never been to India nor had a previous surgical procedure. Dr Narendra Kaushik (Chief Surgeon)instantly reassured me by being very detailed about the procedure and theprognosis. Mrs Pratibha###### (The Manager) policed me from my arrival at the airport and at every phase of my stay ensuring that I got the best all the time.Day in day out as I watched the entire Olmec Hospital staff, I would say that they all possess outstanding professional characters as they treated me with empathy and made me feel at home.A trip to Agra with most of the Hospital staff to see the famous Taj Maja and also to Kutaminar was organised and enjoyed during my recuperation period that transformed my stay to look as a holiday.As a result of the memorable experience I have about Olmec Hospital I say to all and sundry out there to go for it without hesitation when need arise ie www.olmeccosmeticsurgery.com
Best regardsClaire William*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Hair Transplant:
Dr. Kaushik is a very Intellectual & learned individual. In any medical profession it is required to properly counsel the patient & he is very good at it. He changes your perspective in the most humanitarian way possible. I am thankful to him for guiding me.
Dr. Sahil Gupta*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Gaurav Kumar HT 001 Hair Transplant:
A really great place to get the procedure done. Doctor is very good and helpful Everyone is caring Very clean and tidy.Gaurav Kumar*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Niraj Garg 001 Liposuction:
I visited this place though it’s a normal centre, they treat us in a very good way and very friendly approach, reasonably. Energizing, relaxing, refreshing. I stayed for 3 days here. It was quite amazing excellent. Wonderful…. with very nice service and very nice staff. And the last I want to say something about doctor Mr. NARENDRA KAUSHIK…..HE IS AWESOME GOD BLESS. Thanks a ton Doctor.
Niraj*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Vipin Gupta Hair Transplant:
I got hair transplant done by Dr. Narendra Kaushik in December 2014. I felt very comfortable when I came for hair transplant here. Because the staff was very helpful and cooperative and I did not feel any discomfort during treatment. And what to say about treatment ….He is the best.Vipin Gupta*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Geetanjali-Arora-Abdomen.jpg Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck):
After consulting Dr. Narendra Kaushik I was clear and doubtless about my procedure
Felt no need to consult further any other plastic surgeon, because there were no doubts. Got my procedure done here at “OLMEC”only. And after the procedure I was proud of my decision to choose “OLMEC” and Dr Narendra Kaushik for surgery. The best Doctor with the best team. I wish Olmec continues to touch the heights of sky.
Geetanjali*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Mr.jpg Hair Transplant:
I had consulted doctor for hair transplantation through an email. Dr. Narendra responded positively and allotted time for procedure as per my convenience.
Dr. Narendra explained the procedure when I consulted him first at the clinic. He explained all the types of procedure and suggested the best procedure for me a combination of FUT / FUE
The procedure went as per the plan and the treatment was very good at the clinic. The support staff and everyone at olmec were very caring and supportive.
Overall it was a very nice and wonderful experience at Olmec.Hareesh*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Kewal-Saggar-NOSE.jpg Hair Transplant:
Olmec Team is very friendly, Co-operative, and professional. I really enjoy my stay during surgery and highly recommend to come here who need hair transplant or other treatments.
Kewal Sagar*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Sabita-JAW.jpg Creating Aesthetic Smile / Orthognathic / Jaw Correction Surgery:
Doctor Narendra G are expert in cosmetic surgery of face and knowledge, experience are very good. He is a perfectionist.
Administration is very good of Olmec HealthcareOther staff are very good in olmec as well as sisters, other doctors and receptionist
Sweepers and cleaners both are very good in my knowledge
Savita*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Arpit Bhatia HT Hair Transplant:
I got hair transplant a month before from Olmec Centre. The treatment was very east and helped me a lot as I have already started seeing the results, as only being 20 years loosing hair at the time of life was very demotivating for me. I am very grateful to Dr. Narendra Kaushik and his team.Arpit Bhatia*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Deepak-NOSE.jpg Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty):
I am very Happy after connect with Olmec because Olmec changed my life.
Dr. Narendra Kaushik is not only a best Plastic Surgeon, even he is a good adviser. He advised me and now my nose too good. Dr. Narendra Kaushik very good surgeon. After this surgery, my face, my personality look irresistible. All Olmec staff have good behavior. They give me good service, There are sufficient facility. Overall, I am very happy after this surgery, after meet Dr. Narendra Kaushik. I am very thankful to Olmec.
Deepak*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Sharvan Sharma Hair Transplant:
Dr. Narendra Kaushik जी और Olmec Hospital के Medical Staff की जितनी तारीफ की जाये वह कम है , मैंने यहाँ पर Lipo, Hair Transplant की सर्जरी करवाई जिसका मुझे बहुत ही Positive Result मिला है | मैं यहाँ की सेवाओं से पूरी तरह संतुष्ट हूँ | मैंने अपनी बेटी की Cleft lip & Palate की सर्जरी भी Dr. Narendra Kaushik जी से कराई है जिसके बाद उसकी व् Parents होने के नाते हमारी पूरी life change हो गयी है | Dr. Sahab का आजीवन आभारी उनकी सेवाओं के लिए Thanks OlmecSharavan Sharma*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Adrina.jpg Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty):

I am Adrina. I had very great experience at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Centre. I had Rhinoplasty and Vaginoplasty from Dr. Kaushik and I am very happy now. The Doctor and staff are all very nice and friendly, I felt like home. I had my surgery on 2nd March and I stayed 1 week. My all over experience is excellent. I discharge on 9th March. I went home fully recover and fit. So I just want to thanks all staff and doctor who made me so Special.

*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person

Amit-Arora.jpg Hair Transplant:

Experience with Olmec has been great ! wonderful care by team and all staff has been very supportive.
Superb ! Doctor Sir with great sense of patient care and handling. Thanks Olmec Team !
Amit Arora

*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person

Anjali-Gupta.jpg Vitiligo:
I am very happy for this surgery. This staff and doctor is very good. It is very careful and I am happy to this surgery and doctor is very helpful and caringThanks Doctor Kaushik SirAnjali*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Anuj Bansal HT Hair Transplant:
It was good experience to get treatment done in Olmec. Though this is the initial stage, we are waiting for good results in future. Thanks to Olmec Centre to give us confidence to have this done. We are happy to have bond with Olmec Family.Anuj Kumar*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Sudha-Gupta-001.jpg Blepharoplasty:
Guru bhagwan ke shukrane Dr. Narendra Kaushik bahut hi suhard hain aur unka Hospital v staff sab log poori team bahut achchi hai aur caring karne wale hain bhagwan aur tarakki de.
A good atmosphere and staff is caring and attentive.SudhaMrs. Sudha*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Ashu-GAS.jpg Gender Reassignment Surgery:
1). Dr. Kaushik very capable surgeon , he treated that I wanted something that I ‘m very happy with their care.2). Nurses and staff did very good care of me.3). Here cleaning etc. (need the items found)I thank all the staff and doctor.Ashu SRS*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Cindy-Lipo.jpg Liposuction Thigh:
My name is Sindy, I came from Dar – es – saalam, Tanzania, From the first day I found the biggest Cosmetic Surgery name Olmec is a very very good cosmetic, I want to say thenk you all members of Olmec Healthcare because they have received me like a part of their family. also big thank For Professional doctor. Narendra Kaushik For take me like a part of his family also secondly day after reached Olmec Healthcare, his wife come to see me that is what appreciate him, actually he is and all members,
I am living then after six month I’ll be here again. Thank you. I didn’t see before Dr. like that.Sindy*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Aman-Mudgal.jpg Gynecomastia:
My experience at Olmec clinic is very good. I was suffering from Gynecomastia from last 24 years. I found the reference of Dr. Narendra Kaushik on web site .when I met him for the consultation, I came to know the harmful effects and why this needs to be treated as early. He is very good doctor. I will definitely refer him to someone, who need the best cosmetic surgeon.
Thank you Dr. kaushik.Aman Mudgal*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Sonia.jpg Breast Augmentation & Gender Reassignment Surgery:
I came here for the work that my work was very good. The doctors, nurse, patient care of all the people are very well. Whenever I come here again and I will work with those who ‘ll address here.
Sonia Yadav*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Abhishek gynecomastia 21 Aug 2015 Gynecomastia:
I heard about Olmec through internet. I found the medical services at OLMEC up to the mark and would definitely recommend this to others if required. Dr. Narender is really helpful and understanding. He is also equally capable and knowledgeable. I would like to thank OLMEC for the treatment.Abhishek*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Chand-Verma-001.jpg Gender Reassignment Surgery:
1. A trillion Thanks to Dr. Narendra Kaushik to fulfill my biggest dream of life.
2. I am also happy and thankful to all the staff member for their very helping nature & providing me good services.Chand Verma*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Rakesh-vashist-001.jpg Hypospadias:
I am very happy to Doctor & Staff, and I give the reference to our friends circle.Rakesh vashist*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person
Samten-Wangmo-001.jpg Nipple Correction:
It was a great experience taking treatment under your Olmec centre. Everyone in your healthcare centre has been so wonderful. My procedure went smoothly from the day 1st (consultation) to the follow up.
Very good team-work. And I would like to recommend to my friends & colleagues. Though a small but successful Health Care Centre.Samten Wangmo*Disclaimer: – Results may vary from person to person