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Clare Williams

Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Scar Removal (Claire William)

I travelled from London to Olmec Hospital, India for six weeks for a procedure. I was very fearful initially as I have never been to India nor had a previous surgical procedure. Dr Narendra Kaushik (Chief Surgeon)instantly reassured me by being very detailed about the procedure and theprognosis. Mrs Pratibha###### (The Manager) policed me from my arrival at the airport and at every phase of my stay ensuring that I got the best all the time.Day in day out as I watched the entire Olmec Hospital staff, I would say that they all possess outstanding professional characters as they treated me with empathy and made me feel at home.A trip to Agra with most of the Hospital staff to see the famous Taj Maja and also to Kutaminar was organised and enjoyed during my recuperation period that transformed my stay to look as a holiday.As a result of the memorable experience I have about Olmec Hospital I say to all and sundry out there to go for it without hesitation when need arise ie www.olmeccosmeticsurgery.com
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