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Breast Augmentation Surgery

To display a beautiful female silhouette, a proper, nicely shaped, and full female breast is a “must-have” feature to own. Oftentimes, age, pregnancy, or mother nature will have had a negative impact on how a woman feels when she looks at her breasts.

The solution is to create a wonderful, balanced, symmetrical breast with a proper cleavage by using high-quality medical-grade breast implants that have a natural feel to them.

You can already see this image forming in your mind about how much more attractive people will perceive you once your breasts are as beautiful as you want them to be.

The breast augmentation is a 1- to 2-hour procedure where a pocket gets created underneath the breast muscle via axillary incision and the implant gets inserted and placed without leaving any visible scars on the chest or hurting any highly sensitive nerve areas in or around the breast. Although other incision methods are available, Dr. Kaushik prefers this one by far because of the aforementioned benefits and minimal risk of capsular contraction.

With Dr. Kaushik you choose a highly qualified plastic surgeon who will attend to your needs with the expertise and routine of more than 5500 successfully performed breast enhancement procedures (as of April 2019). Dr. Kaushik invented the signature OLMEC SIP (Stay In Place) Breast Augmentation procedure which creates a pocket for the implant that will make sure the implant stays where you want it to be to have the desired effect. The complimentary pressure bra will help in the healing process and it also assists in further fixing the implant in place. This bra has to be worn the full 7 days while you stay with us at the clinic.

Be ready to take on the world in a more confident way that will make you glow because of your newfound higher self-esteem and attractivity after you leave OLMEC.

Based on his personal evaluation, Dr. Kaushik uses either Eurosilicone implants – https://www.gcaesthetics.com/products/ – or Sebbin implants –

The manufacturer leaflets, also explaining the different surgical approaches in detail, can be found here:

EUROSILICONE: https://www.gcaesthetics.com/we-care/ (Download Link next to the video)

SEBBIN: https://www.sebbin.com/en/information-booklet-for-patient.html

The first step towards your new life will start with a personal consultation with Dr. Kaushik and his evaluation of your individual parameters to achieve an excellent result that will meet and usually exceed your expectations – so what are you waiting for?