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Breast and Nipple Reconstruction after Cancer Surgery

Breast and Nipple Reconstruction is Done when there is lose of breast or Nipple in any unexpected incident
The trauma of going through treatment of breast cancer is beyond imagination. However, after completing the treatment and ensuring the total cure from this fatal illness gives you a sigh of relief along with partial or complete loss of breasts. Reconstructive surgery has made tremendous advancement and now it is possible to completely reconstruct natural looking breasts at plastic surgery centers like Olmec Cosmetic Surgery. Regain the confidence by reconstructing the breasts to appear them as attractive as they were prior to the illness. Olmec is the best place to go for breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik treats every case as a special case and applies the best of the techniques to have a complete make-over of the patients.

The awful trauma of breast cancer

The feeling of suffering from any type of cancer is haunting, but the problem of breast cancer brings the double trouble of life threat and loss of beauty. Even if the problem is cured completely, it leaves the marks on the body in the form of complete or partial removal of the breasts. The process of removing breasts is mandatory for the survival. A large number of females suffer from this deadly disease every year and almost 40% faces the loss of breasts. The results are psychologically devastating and disturbing. Cosmetic surgery centers like Olmec are providing the best breast and nipple reconstruction under the guidance of Dr. Narendra Kaushik, one of the leading cosmetic surgeons of India.

Why reconstruction is recommended?

Breasts are the most attractive part of a woman’s body and they are responsible for the overall effect and beauty of a woman. Breast reconstruction is done to regain and restore the original size, shape and appearance of the breasts and correct the loss of figure due to surgery. Medical advancement has made possible to recreate them in the old shape to bring back the confidence and feeling. It is also possible to recreate them in a better way to enhance the figure. The look and feel of reconstructed breasts is exactly same as the natural breasts.

Breast reconstruction at Olmec

The qualified team of Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Centre, the vast experience of Dr. Narendra Kaushik as cosmetic surgeon and the significant number of testimonials of satisfied patients make it the number one option for breast and nipple reconstruction process. The prime concern is towards the safety of the patient, competitive prices, best quality breast implants and completely personal and holistic treatment are the added advantages.

An overview of the process

The process of breast and nipple reconstruction can be done by different methods. The first technique uses breast implants and tissue expander to regain the shape of breasts. In another technique the tissues from the patient’s body, breast implants and tissue expander are used for reconstruction. In the third type, only body tissues of the patient are used to reconstruct the breasts. At Olmec, every case is analyzed in detail by the team of expert doctors and then the best treatment is suggested. The surgeon will arrange a detailed discussion and pros and cons of all the methods. The most optimal process is then finalized, although the experts at Olmec are completely well-versed with all these techniques.

  • The implants: These are silicon or saline implants that are inserted under the chest muscles on the chest wall. The simplicity of this operation and less time required for surgery makes it a favorite choice. However, the look and feel of these implants is not natural and sometimes loss or gain of weight make them disproportional.
  • Using the tissues from patient’s skin and implants: Skin, fat and tissues from the body of patient are used to reconstruct the breasts. There is additional help of implants is taken to have better effect and almost natural looking breasts. As the patients loose or gain weight, these reconstructed breasts would also have the same effect. There are some problems associated with this method, e.g. long and complicated surgical process and big scars on the body.
  • Using the tissues from patient’s skin only: In this method, only body tissues are used. The process is similar as the earlier one and the risks are also same.
  • Nipple reconstruction: After reconstructing the breasts, nipples are reconstructed by either using the breast’s tissues or by using a skin graft from some other part of the body. Special techniques are used to create the absolute natural looks.

Loss of breasts is more painful than the horrific experience of going through breast cancer treatment. Get the perfect reconstruction done at Olmec under the guidance of world famous cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik!