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Carpal Tunnel

A narrow passage way of ligaments and bones is called the carpal tunnel. It protects the nerves and tendons of the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, running from the forearms to the hand through the carpal tunnel compress down at the wrist. Individuals can experience mild and moderate symptoms in less than ten month time. Carpal syndrome results in pain, weakness and insensibility. It may also lead to a tingling sensation resulting out of swelling. In case of a non-irritating carpal tunnel syndrome, non-operative treatment will do. However, severe carpal tunnel syndrome requires surgical operation. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be diagnosed by a physical examination along with some diagnostic tests such as nerve conduction study and electromyogram. Physical examination often includes test of feeling and strength of muscles in the fingers and hand by exertion of pressure on the median nerve of the wrist.

Mild cases of carpal tunnel syndrome can be soothed by taking frequent breaks to rest the fingers, also finger exercise is useful. Other handy ways of relieving from carpal tunnel syndrome include application of cold packs to swollen hands, wearing wrist braces. Application of cold packs reduces pressure on the nerves. Wrist braces is usually worn at night, this reduces tingling and numbness of nerves and also promote quick healing. Wrist muscles and ligaments strengthening exercises improve blood circulation and add on to the pace of pain relief. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help reduce the burning sensation. It also causes swelling to go down and relieve pain. Corticosteroid is injected into the wrist to relieve pain and pressure caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Olmec cosmetic surgery is very much appropriate option to go for.

There are several bones and muscles in a hand which operates together helping the flexible movements of the hand. Our hand has a very perplex anatomy which enable its smooth function and the movement. With this complex structure of the muscles and bones, a very detailed operative methodology is required.

  • Carpel tunnel surgery is a complex surgical procedure that involves the bisection of the transverse carpel tunnel ligaments. A systematic separation of the ligament helps reduction of pressure in the nerves specially those running around the palm and the wrist areas. Many a times, occurrence of complications have been witnessed within two or three years after the surgery. Though such case are very rare however when such cases are encountered, a second surgery is advisable but medical study have suggested maximum of two surgeries. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik is a well-known name in the field of carpal tunnel surgery.
  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery is a process that requires two very small incisions of about ½ inch in the wrist and palm. This process also requires an Endoscope which is a long metal tube with a camera attached to its end. This surgery is performed under a bounded anesthesia setting. Endoscopic surgery ensures less tissue damage and faster healing. It also reduces scars. In an Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery an endoscope is inserted into one incision and the surgeon views the operating area or on a monitor. The surgeon then makes a cut along the carpal ligament.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr.Narendra Kaushik is very experienced with carpal tunnel surgery. In this process the ligament that compresses the nerve is cut. This surgery results in faster recovery and significant improvement. After getting the surgery done it is required for the patient to engage in physical therapy to restore strength in the wrist. Olmec cosmetic surgery is yet another treatment to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel surgery should be performed by trained and certified plastic or orthopedic surgeons. Trained general practitioners can also perform the various techniques and procedures of carnal tunnel surgery. A verification of the training, education and certification of the surgeon is must. Make sure he or she got the degree from a reputed orthopedic or plastic surgery organization in his or her country. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik has an excellent academic record in the field of cosmetology. With several years of experience he is one of the best cosmetic surgeons India has.

In the United States carpal tunnel surgery costs between $4000 to $10000 which includes surgical suite cost, doctor’s fee, anesthesia, labs, x-rays and other allied products. In India carpal tunnel surgery costs about $2000 including accommodation and physicians fee. A carpal tunnel surgery done in India will save a lot of money for the medical travelers. For a carpal tunnel syndrome at Olmec cosmetic surgery is the best and is very much affordable too.