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Microsurgical Tube Recanalisation

Microsurgical Tube Recanalisation is also known as Microsurgical Tubal Reconstruction. These days we are very familiar with the term Tubal factor infertility. It is considered as one of the major and significant cause of female infertility. The consequences related to these medical issues are endometriosis, inflammatory disease of the pelvic and postoperative pelvic adhesions. To resolve all this consequences the best and foremost option of treatment is Microsurgery. It is considered as one of the major and most important operative techniques for managing the tubal obstruction. This mode of surgery was first introduced in the medical stream of gynecology on order to give an improvement in the results given by tuboplasty.

The major essence behind the art of this treatment involves certain aspects which can be named as:

  • Efficiency in handle gentle tissues
  • meticulous methods related to hemostasis
  • magnification
  • irrigation of copious

The above mentioned aspects or the principals are the primary steps to get laparoscopy done. Use of thermal, laser as well as electrical energy, blunt as well as sharp dissection, techniques of suturing in Operative laparoscopy give extra advantage for handling other gynecological procedures. The surgery is done with the use of closed peritoneal cavity which in turn prevents the fast drying out of the tissues, prohibiting the use of packs as well as providing the scope of magnification. Postoperative hospitalization is a normal feature in this surgery for some days.

The process of the treatment of vas Recanalisation or Microsurgical Tube Recanalisation:

At very first point the doctors handling the surgery try to detect the exact location of the blockage, before deciding the process of treatment or surgery to be done on the patient. During previous time an attempt is made by the doctors to go for a surgery to repair the damaged tubal. Although the concept of tubal surgery is not an encouraging mode of surgery, so these days females having tubal damages are advised by doctors to go for in vitro fertilization as the very first choice of treatment option for it.

In order to make a choice in between Microsurgical Tube Recanalisation and in vitro fertilization a decision need to taken by the doctor about the level of peritubal damage and intrinsic tubal damage. If the reserch on the patient revels that the damage in the tubes are due to some problems outside the fallopian tube, the problem might be endometriosis or peritubal adhesions causing the tubes to get totally inked, a Microsurgical Tube Recanalisation surgery is advisable.

The success of the Microsurgical Tube Recanalisation is totally depended on the level of damage caused to the tubes. Chances are there that some other infectious process carried earlier, caused the damage to the fallopian tube then delicate lining of the inner side of the fallopian tube might get damaged. This surgery can help in establishing the chances of patency. The mission behind this surgery is not only to open up the tubes but also to achieve the target of pregnancy in which the tube is capable to capture the eggs in it and get the same transferred to the uterus to establish the pregnancy.

In some of the patients it has been noticed that only single fallopian tube is blocked while the other one is normal. In such cases surgery is not required as one fallopian tube is sufficient enough to give pregnancy to a female. But yes the chances of pregnancy in these women are 50% in comparison to those having both fallopian tubes open. It may take time to get the pregnancy confirmed. Surgeries to these patients are not advisable as for urge of repairing the blocked fallopian tube the good one may face damage.

In case you are one such patient who requires support and assistance for getting the Microsurgical Tube Recanalisation done in a succesfull manner then you can meet Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik, who is the founder of Olmec Cosmetic Surgery at New Delhi, India. He mastered himself in the art of microsurgery and several patients got successful result from his assistance and surgery done on them. He never apply any short cut to success, as he believes if there is true dedication and application of knowledge then success is sure there waiting for you.

The major techniques which are used at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery for tubal microsurgery of about one to four hours include:

  • Use of micro scope for magnification
  • Taking care of keeping the tissues out of trauma
  • Use of delicate instruments for surgery
  • Use of good quality suture to stitch
  • Handling the tissues in a delicate manner to avoid any further damage
  • Making sure that there is no unwanted bleeding and clot left inside

Visit Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery at New Delhi, India and get blessed with successful pregnancy