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Hymenoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are the Few Hymenoplasty Frequently asked Questions that will help you Choose Better the Best Hymenoplasty Surgeon in Delhi.

Q:1 What is Hymenoplasty?

Answer: Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic procedure in which a girl’s hymen which is torn/ruptured is reconstructed to make it like natural hymen, thus regaining virginity.

During this procedure, the remnants of torn hymen are utilized and repaired to restore full natural hymen. After layered microsurgical repair, the edges adhere to each other during healing. There is no visible scar and the area looks like as in normal virgin girl.

After the restoration, sexual intercourse will tear the reconstructed hymen, causing bleeding, which is the sign of virginity.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Before and After Hymenoplasty Surgery

Q:2 What is Hymen?

Ans: A hymen is a thin pinkish membrane that partially blocks the vaginal entrance. It is situated just inside the vagina about half an inch inside. It is in fact part of the vulva which is the gateway to vagina.

Q:3 Who is the candidate for hymenoplasty?

Ans: Hymenoplasty is most often done for societal, cultural or religious regions. The most common scenario for which it is done, is that a girl who lost her virginity due to sexual intercourse (usually pre-marital) wants to present herself as a virgin girl to her husband at first night after marriage.

In some cultures girls may actually found their lives in danger if on their wedding night, they are found not to have intact hymen regardless of how the hymen initially ruptured. For them the hymenoplasty becomes a necessity.

Many girls consider hymenoplasty because their first sexual experience was unpleasant, or occurred against their will. It goes without saying that getting a bleed during first willful sexual intercourse (especially with a long-term partner) is a unique experience and lifelong memory. This is called “first time” experience. If a woman’s first sexual experience was against will; then the hymenoplasty can give her back a choice that was taken from her. After hymenoplasty these girls can get that unique experience ( a “first time” experience) with husband/long term partner.

Q: 4 I don’t want anybody to know about it? Is it possible.

Answer: We know, the reason for hymen repair are intensely personal, that is why everything starting from consultation till the procedure, is kept strictly confidential. Actually this is day care procedure. You can go to home/office straightway after the procedure and nobody can make out you underwent some procedure. Usually no follow up is needed.

Q:5 Any precaution prior to surgery?

Ans: No special precaution is needed. It is advisable to maintain the hygiene of the area.

Q:6 Is it painful?

Ans. This is absolute painless procedure. This will be done under local anesthesia or you can choose to sleep during the procedure if you feel apprehensive.

Q:7 What will happen on the day of procedure(Hymen-repair)?

Ans: You will reach the Olmec at the scheduled time. Dr. Kaushik will discuss the things with you to make you feel comfortable. The procedure will be done under local anaesthesia with presence of a qualified female co-coordinator. The procedure will be finished in 30 minutes and you can go to your home immediately after the procedure.

Q:8 How I will feel after procedure?

Ans: This is a painless procedure. With normal painkillers and antibiotics you will feel absolutely normal after the procedure. Little discomfort (just like you feel during your menses) may be felt for initial week.

Q:9 How long is the recovery time?

Ans: You will go to your house immediately after the procedure. You need to stay for 1-2 hour with us (those from outside or abroad may stay with us for more than one day if they want). The procedure is so comfortable and simple that you can perform day to day activities even on the evening of procedure without getting noticed that you have undergone surgery. You can do most of regular activities including office work after the procedure.

Q:10 What is after Care?

Ans: No special care is needed. You will be advised to maintain the level of local hygiene. You will be advised and trained to do this. All you have to do is just cleaning the area with some antiseptic solution like diluted betadine and using sanitary pads for initial few days. The total strengthening of hymen takes about 2-4 weeks. Strenuous/vigorous exercises or using a tampon or douche are to be avoided during the process of healing.

Q:11 How much time I need to recover for hymenoplasty before marriage?

Ans: The hymenoplasty can be done a week prior to marriage, though it is advisable to get it done about 3 to 4 weeks prior to marriage to allow good healing. After this period the repaired hymen will remain intact till you get sexual intercourse when the hymen will get torn and will bleed like virgin hymen. That means you need minimum 2 weeks, though maximum may extend till years as the repaired hymen remains intact till sexual intercourse.

Q:12 What is the cost of Hymenoplasty?

Ans: At Olmec we understand that the issue of hymenoplasty is intensively confidential, and financial burden is on girl herself. Owing to this the cost is very reasonable. The details can be discussed via online consultation or during visit to the clinic.

Q:13 I am not virgin. I am going to marry in future. How do I start?

Ans: You must not feel disappointed because virginity will be restored. The most important consideration is to understand that hymen is a very fine and delicate structure and hence hymenoplasty becomes a fine plastic/cosmetic surgery. You must select a qualified plastic/cosmetic surgeon. In cosmetic surgery we use extremely fine layered microsurgical technique, without leaving any scar mark restoring the natural hymen. As it is confidential and you have only one chance, it goes without saying that the procedure should be complete success and that too without getting noticed that you have ever had ruptured hymen. At Olmec we understand this. I would advise you to visit the centre/or do online consultation for complete details. During your visit / or on the day of procedure you are free to see the pre and post photographs with video details of the procedure. For your absolute comfort we have qualified female co-coordinator as a member of our team.

Q:14 Is there scar or sign of operation?

Ans: No, This is fine cosmetic surgery and there are no signs visible after surgery. Once you have recovered full, you will see an intact hymen like natural one without any scar mark

Q:15 Any risks/complications of hymen repair?

Ans: This is very common and simple procedure. This is a safe procedure with no risks associated.

Q:16 Do I need accompanying person?

Ans: If you are major (> 18 years) there is no need of accompanying person. The secrecy and confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Q:17 I feel I have lax Vagina too. Can I get it fixed along with hymen repair?

Ans: The answer is yes. If you will feel that your vagina is lax, you will be examined to confirm that. In case of lax and loose vagina, vaginal tightening can be combined with hymenoplasty thus completely restoring normal hymen and vagina like in a virgin girl. It is very common scenario nowadays that many guys complain about looseness of vagina of the partner and doubt over virginity of their partner, even though hymen got torn and bleeding occurred. At Olmec we have introduced this concept of complete re-virgination leaving no scope of any doubts about your virginity. In this, vagina is tightened layer by layer restoring its natural tone and the hymen is repaired along with, thus restoring the whole virgin look and virgin feel of the area (this takes additional 15 minutes only to get vaginal tightening along with hymenoplasty) . As you can understand that after this, not only you will bleed like a virgin girl, but also you will have tightness of vagina like a virgin girl for your partner. Over the years this has done wonders for many girls, proving a foundation for long term healthy relationship.

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