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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdomen(tummy) becomes lax and hangs after childbirth or weight fluctuations. The quality of skin becomes weak, especially in the lower abdomen with existing stretch marks and previous adherent scars. The muscles of the abdomen become weak and lax giving a typical bulging tummy look. Abdominoplasty is an excellent procedure to restore normalcy of the stomach making it flat.

In today’s world where presentation matters the most, one has to be physically presentable, and a loose belly can be the spoilsport. Every individual in some other way desires or fascinates a well-toned and firm abdominal region.

It goes without saying that almost every woman after delivery of the baby/after weight fluctuations/after bariatric surgery develop loose, hanging protuberant tummy giving that peculiar mom’s bulging tummy look. In real, It affects all three layers of the abdomen.

  • The outer layer of skin becomes extraordinarily loose and lax with stretch marks, especially in the lower tummy. Many women along with stretch marks bear ugly scar marks from previous surgery like cesarean making a shy look when the abdomen is exposed.
  • The second layer of fat also called adipose tissue. It contributes to excessive bulge owing to massive fat deposits. This is also known as lipodystrophy. This excess fat is a significant cause of ill health in the form of lousy metabolism. It leads to a deranged hormonal profile, lipid profile, diabetes, blood pressure, and cardiac problems. Mechanically the massive abdomen caused a backache, maceration in the lower abdomen, and knee problems (like osteoarthritis).
  • The third layer of Muscle layer becomes weak, loose, and lax leading to excessive protrusion of abdominal contents. This is like a global hernia also known as the divarication of recti.

Not only women, but many males also have sizeable bulging tummies with all the layers affected.

Weight Management directly doesn’t work for many. Excessive exercise may lead to an increase in herniation rather than help, owing to a repeated increase in intraabdominal pressure.

For such individuals; Abdominoplasty, which is commonly known as “Tummy Tuck” is a better way to get the abdomen in shape. This is one of the essential components of MOMMY MAKEOVER.


What exactly is an “Abdominoplasty”?

It is a cosmetic surgical process to reshape the distorted tummy look. In this, the surgeon removes the unwanted excess fat with liposuction surgery in delhi. The surgeon also removes the poor-quality skin bearing stretch marks, especially below the umbilicus. The surgeon repairs the weak muscle layer and even a hernia if it is there. The remaining useful quality skin is redraped giving a cute flat tummy with a minimal compromise in the form of fine linear scar in the hidden bikini area.

The result is a tremendous positive change in looks. The changed slimmer look and the improved clothing lead to an immense boost to your self-confidence and image. In addition to this cosmetic benefit, this procedure will put you on a positive metabolic change to live a healthy life. It has been said to result in improvement in deranged lipid, profile, hormonal profile, diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac problems, and knee osteoarthritis problems.

Dr. Narendra Kaushik and team perform Tummy Tuck surgeries with utmost care at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery. With his vast experience and expertise and his attention and commitment, he has successfully done countless numbers of Mommy Makeover Surgeries. In the world of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery in Delhi , Dr. Narendra Kaushik and his Olmec Cosmetic Surgery center is the name reckoned with utter respect.

Types of “Tummy Tuck”

There are mainly two types of Abdominoplasty that are popular in the world of cosmetic surgery:

  • Partial or Mini Tummy Tuck:

    Many women have excess fat and skin limited only to the lower abdomen. For them the mini abdominoplasty is sufficient. In this type of tummy tuck, The surgeon makes a reasonably small incision and removes fat and skin around the lower stomach. If found weak the muscles are tightened.

  • Complete Tummy Tuck:

    In this type of Abdominoplasty, in addition to liposuction all over the tummy, the skin below the umbilicus is removed. Muscle structure is tightened along with hernia repair if any. The Redraped skin gives a changed flat look to the tummy.


Tummy tuck achieves a flat abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the abdominal muscles.

One of the benefits is also to get removal of striae/stretch marks

If you have any abdominal hernia, It is also corrected with tummy tuck surgery

A tummy tuck is one of the essential components of a Mommy makeover in which overall rejuvenation of a woman is achieved and includes procedures for breasts, tummy, and vagina. These processes lead to a tremendous boost in confidence, which has been lost after pregnancies owing to deranged shape.

Preparing for the tummy tuck surgery:

One needs to be ready on the physical and mental level to undergo any surgery. The staff takes specific preparations to care for in advance of the surgery date. The patient stops the consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin in advance, as they may cause excess bleeding. In advance, we advise the Smokers to stay smoking and also advise them the lab testing for specific medical conditions. Also, follow the instructions given by Dr. Kaushik and discuss your medical history like bronchial asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid disorders, etc. with him.

The Procedure:

The procedure mainly consists of three stages, anesthesia, surgery (incision), and monitoring post-surgery . Before the procedure, Dr. Narendra Kaushik will perform some markings over the tummy area as a part of preoperative planning. The anesthetist performs the anesthesia, usually for Abdominoplasty general or regional anesthesia is preferred, but the surgeon and anesthetist have the final word according to the patient’s condition. The main aim is you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

Once anesthesia is given, the procedure is carried out as per plans. The surgeon removes the excess fat with liposuction over the tummy and back. Repair the weak abdominal muscles and repair of any hernia is carried out. The Surgeon removes the lousy-quality skin below the umbilicus and redrapes the remaining skin. He closes the incision in the bikini line with fine sutures.

Duration of Procedure: 2 – 4 hrs.
Anesthesia: General / Regional
Recovery Time: Walking encouraged 2nd or 3rd day onwards. Routine activities in 2 – 4 weeks. You have to avoid strenuous activity for 4 – 6 weeks.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost in Delhi

Cost of tummy tuck mainly depends on the size of the tummy, Bigger the tummy high is the tummy tuck cost and vice versa. Medicine and consumable which are required after the surgery also contribute a little to the cost of tummy tuck in Delhi. Generally, Medicines and Consumables that are required during the surgery are not clubbed in the tummy tuck cost because it varies from patient to patient.

Many patients also have hernia-related problems and such problems can also be corrected during Tummy Tuck adding little cost to the tummy tuck procedure.

Recently Government of India introduced a Goods and Service Tax of 18% on cosmetic surgery, which is one of the significant cost factors for Tummy Tuck Surgery.

Risk/Safety Measures in Tummy Tuck:

As every surgery has its share of risks and safety measures involved, Tummy Tuck is no different with minimum risk factors. In some cases, patients may face problems like:

  • Blood Loss
  • Blood Clot
  • Infection
  • Scars
  • Discomfort/ pain
  • Fluid Accumulation
  • Swelling
  • Numbness, etc.

Choosing the surgeon becomes of utmost importance. To avoid or minimize such risks involved, one needs a quality cosmetic surgeon with a well-equipped center exclusively dedicated to cosmetic surgery. We at OLMEC cosmetic surgery center feel honored and proud for having the modern, equipped facility of the international stand with an expert caring team under the guidance of Dr. Narendra Kaushik. He performs these Operations in a very hygienic environment.


Recovery in Abdominoplasty:

After surgery, We do dressing. You may find a small tube under the skin to drain the collected fluid/ blood. After abdominoplasty in Delhi, if you follow proper instructions in the form of deep breathing exercises and early mobility, then the recovery is speedy. Usually, you should be walking after 24 hrs to 72 hrs. Few patients feel mild weakness that is normal after any such surgery. Within two weeks, you may start your routine activities. You can perform exercises and strenuous activities after one month.

After one or two weeks you need to wear a compression garment, for the swelling to settle down and to enhance the skin reshaping.

You must note that for the initial few months, you may notice some dysesthesias (abnormal sensations like numbness, itching, on and off pain sensations). This is a standard process of healing and settles down with time. The fine linear scar settles down over a few months to one year, though the scar may never become invisible.

Choosing the surgeon:

With so many things to keep in mind for the surgery, the most important is choosing the right cosmetic surgeon. And, when it comes to India, very few Plastic/Cosmetic surgeons is there to count on. Dr. Narendra Kaushik and his Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Centre are the one-stop solutions for all such needs. With his years of experience and humble approach, Dr. Kaushik with his support staff is converting dreams into reality each day.

Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: – I have a large tummy, especially after pregnancy, I have developed loose skin with stretch marks in the loose abdomen. I am not able to wear a saree, Will a tummy tuck help me? Is it possible to correct it with exercises?

Ans: This goes without saying that tummy after multiple pregnancies and after weight loss, loses its beauty. The skin becomes loose, hanging with stretch marks. In addition to skin, the fat deposition increases, and results in tummy enlargement with an uneven shape. Moreover, muscles become weak like in a hernia. When you expose your belly, it looks too ugly, and that makes you shy.

Thanks to the tummy tuck in Delhi – The beauty of the procedure is that it helps to regain younger looking tummy shape. The tummy tuck is the procedure that helps in restoring confidence, as a part of the mummy makeover program. A tummy tuck helps mums after multiple pregnancies to lose excess fat and remove stretch marks.

Unfortunately, exercises do not contribute to reshaping your tummy. Exercise is excellent for the mind and general health. But tummy exercises yield lost muscle. The problem is sometimes the muscle keep on losing their strength. An alternative to that is tummy tuck surgery.

Que: – What is a Tummy Tuck?

Ans: Abdominoplasty or as Lipoabdomenoplasty are two synonyms of tummy tucks. It is a surgical process in which the plastic surgeon removes the extra fat and skin from the tummy to give it a standard shape. The surgeons remove the skin primarily from the lower abdomen. They remove the fat with liposuction and the lower muscle excess skin with stretch marks, leading to a flatter tummy.

In other words, a tummy tuck is a body contouring procedure for the removal of excess fat in the midsection of the tummy.

Que: – What are the benefits of abdominoplasty?

Ans: Tummy tuck gives benefits in the form of a flatter and contained tummy with a slimmer waistline. In the Mommy Makeover program, Tummy is one of the most common procedures that Dr. Kaushik performs. Men, as well as women, are getting benefits from this procedure.

Que: – Who are the best candidates for abdominoplasty?

Ans: The men and women who have a large fat deposition in the abdomen and have lower hanging abdomen are good candidates for tummy tuck surgery in delhi. Medical fitness is a must. There should be a proper examination before undergoing this procedure. The tummy tuck helps patients remove large hanging abdomen and women with uneven tummy bulges after pregnancies.

Que: – How should I prepare for abdominoplasty surgery?

Ans: The preparation for getting tummy tuck surgery should start with finding a plastic surgeon who is regularly doing these procedures. At Olmec, Tummy Tuck is part of mummy makeover program. Dr. Narendra Kaushik performs the tummy tuck on a regular basis. Our International clients usually have online consultations through Skype or email info [at] this domain [dot] com. During the meeting, Dr. Kaushik suggests the following investigation and blood reports.

  • Age, Weight, and Height.
  • Any Problem with BP, Thyroid, Asthma, HIV, etc.

The plastic surgeon will instruct you according to the results of the criteria mentioned above. Moreover, surgeons prefer to carry out some medical fitness tests to ensure your health will be stable during the surgery. and avoids any complications.

Que: – What happens on the day of the procedure?

Ans: Before an operation, The staff takes the patient to the operation theatre. They put in the necessary cannula and start the proper IV. The operating surgeon will mark the tummy. The anesthesiologist will help in performing the anesthesia.

During the procedure, you will be in anesthesia and will not feel any pain.
The surgeons remove the excess fat with liposuction from the body and tummy. Then the surgeons transfer the excess skin from one end to another end in the form of a line. And they also strengthen the lower abdomen muscles. Moreover, they correct any loose skin. The surgeons suture the remaining skin to give you a flatter well-contained tummy with a slimmer waistline. Two tubes will remain in the skin so that the collection of comes out automatically through the tubes.

The patient stays at the hospital in a certain required position. We discharge the patient after proper healing.

Que: – How long does the abdominoplasty / Tummy tuck surgery take?

Ans: Usually the tummy tuck surgery takes 2 to 4 hours. However, the time depends on the type of procedure you choose.

Que: – Will it hurt me?

Ans: No, Surgeons perform tummy tuck under general anesthesia, and patients do not feel any pain during the surgery.

Que: – What should I expect after the operation? What is the recovery period?

Ans: After abdominoplasty surgery, you need to stay with us for about 2 – 3 days. You will be resting for about two weeks after the surgery, After 15 days you can carry out routine activities. You can resume physical exercises after six weeks.

Que: – How long do the results of tummy tuck take?

Ans: The results of abdominoplasty/tummy tuck surgery are natural. With proper dieting and exercises, you may keep tummy tuck results long-lasting in your life. Abdominoplasty has one of the most satisfying results in cosmetic surgery.

Que: – How long do I have to wait before I can resume routine activities?

Ans: After 2 to 3 weeks you can resume your daily activities.