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Will the SIGMA-LEAD vaginoplasty help me in having children also?

No, it won’t.

Am I still a biological woman?

You might ask yourself if you are “really a girl” when you can’t have children. Now let’s be very clear about that: YES YOU ARE!
There are various reasons why a woman can’t get pregnant.

Your feelings, your emotions, your movements, your voice, your looks, even your hormones – all of them prove that you are a fully fledged female. Also, a chromosome test can verify if you have the XX chromosome set.
Also keep in mind that there are a great number of children out there who wish for parents that will love them like their own children. You have the heart, love, and capacity to do so to be a mother to one of them, should you choose to do so, because you are a woman.

Will I ever be able to get pregnant and have a baby?

For you to get pregnant and give birth to children a fully functional internal female genital tract is necessary. Your ovaries want to be connected to fallopian tubes, who want to be connected to a uterus, who in turn wants to be connected to the vagina, so the baby can finally be born the natural way.
In case you were born with an incomplete vagina but have regular ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, you can have a fertilized egg implanted in your uterus to get pregnant and give birth to a baby via cesarean section. Should no uterus be present you cannot carry a pregnancy.

Another option to have a child is to hire a surrogate mother. She will have your fertilized egg implanted and will carry the baby for you. You and your partner, who donated the sperm to fertilize the egg will be the biological and legal mother and father of that baby.But who knows what medical science will bring, There may be more options available when it’s time for you to decide what to do in terms of having a baby.

Will I ever be able to have a satisfying sex life?

Absolutely YES. And Dr. Kaushik’s SIGMA-LEAD vaginoplasty can help tremendously with that, because your vagina will feel and function like any other vagina of a woman, maybe even more sensate. Also keep in mind that your clitoris and your labia are tremendously open for sexual stimulation. Discover what is waiting to be discovered, it’s your journey. Sexuality is an evolving process that will change throughout your life, so be open and be ready to explore what gives you sexual fulfillment.

Can I still experience menstrual pain?

Yes, in some cases that is possible. Should you have a small or tiny uterus that can discharge blood into your belly, then this can happen. Should that happen, then tell your gynecologist. In case that situation is hazardous to your health the uterus will have to be removed. It might also make sense to remove the uterus to spare you that reoccurring pain.