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MRKH / Müllerian agenesis

Once you contact our clinic you will know that you have MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome). Should you wonder why that name is so long, then the answer is because the disease is named after all of the doctors who discovered it. Should you feel confused, scared, and sad about having MRKH – we can tell you it is quite normal to feel that way. With this small guide, we hope to provide some answers to questions that you or your parents might have.

What is MRKH?

MRKH is a congenital disorder that affects the female reproductive tract. Congenital means that you were born with this condition. About 1 in every 4500 women has this condition. MRKH is a syndrome – which means we know which issues it causes in a woman, but medical science has still no idea why it develops or where it comes from. The only thing we know is, that when a baby develops in the mother‘s womb the reproductive system starts to grow but doesn’t completely develop. But why that happens we still don‘t know.

That is the reason why girls with MRKH usually have normal ovaries and fallopian tubes. In most girls, the uterus is absent or really tiny. The vaginal canal is shorter and narrower than usual or it may be absent. The vulva – the outer or external genitalia – which is what can be seen of the female genitalia: the clitoris, the clitoral hooding, the labia, the urethra and the vaginal opening – of all girls with MRKH are completely in the normal range – the vary within normal parameters. That means no one can see if you have MRKH or not. Just like one girl has long or short hair, narrower or wider hips, the vulva parts can vary in size and shape, which is also completely normal. They make you unique – no other woman in the world has a vulva like you – you are the one and only that has it this way.

What can be done about my vagina?

There are various options available.
Some suggest to dilate and open up a vaginal cavity inserting a dilator, widening the little space in depth and width, so that sexual intercourse is possible.
It‘s a long and tedious process that always has to be kept up to keep your vagina that way.

Your vagina will not be self-lubricating and fully sensate, though. You just provided the space so sexual intercourse can take place.

Dr. Kaushik at OLMEC created a superior surgical approach that will make you feel like a woman again when it comes to sexual intercourse. The name is OLMEC SIGMA-LEAD vaginoplasty.

This procedure got derived from earlier sigmoid colon vaginoplasty approaches that had some setbacks when it came to the end result.
Dr. Kaushik found a way to get around all of these setbacks.
Also, you will have tremendously fast healing after the procedure, due to the way Dr. Kaushik designed the process. According to recent medical studies, research, and evaluation being done on this type of surgery it was rated as very safe and highly recommendable, to treat MRKH patients (2015/2010). And those studies didn‘t even include all the improvements Dr. Kaushik has come up with and which he has included in his SIGMA-LEAD vaginoplasty.

What exactly is the SIGMA-LEAD vaginoplasty?

It is a surgery in which a part of your bowel – a rectosigmoid graft – will be used to create a fully functional, self-lubricating and sensate vagina.

The surgery requires general anesthesia.
Once you are under general anesthesia in the operating theater a 2-3 inch (5-7 cm ) incision is made in the left groin and the sigmoid colon is then being inspected for the blood supply vessels, to decide wich part is the one that wants to be harvested and used.
We only use a small about 15-22 cm long rectosigmoid colon part of the bowel, because it has only mild secretions which settle down over a period of about 6 months.
The colon gets separated.
In spite of your bowel cleanse preparations, we will perform an intraoperative bowel wash of your open colon segments before we move on with the surgery. These extra 5 minutes of this precautionary measure has gained us a wound infection rate of about zero.
Then we take out the rectosigmoid colon transplant, which gets closed on one side, which makes for the end of the vagina.
The separated sigmoid colon bowel parts get joined again.
The present small vaginal cavity gets enlarged all the way towards the rectosigmoid colon graft, passing underneath the urinary bladder and above the rectum. Once the cavity is opened up all the way the rectosigmoid colon graft gets inserted through this cavity.

The skin lining your vaginal opening gets sutured to the rectosigmoid colon graft in a star-shaped manner, which avoids ring star contraction at this suture. The rectosigmoid colon gets fixed in its position inside your belly and the groin incision is closed by layer technique, to ensure minimal scarring and to completely avoid adhesions of tissues involved.

After the surgery is completed you will have a vagina which:

  • is fully self-lubricating and will lubricate upon sexual arousal
  • is fully sensate on all of the 16-22 cm‘s of depth you have
  • will heal fast and feel like it‘s always been a part of you
  • is looking forward to getting dilated or have sexual intercourse
  • is normally fully capable of providing you with climaxes and orgasmic feelings

Post-OP Time

After surgery, you will wake up with a dressing in your genital area and on your groin. Both of these dressings are painless. The groin dressing will be removed after 2-3 days.

For the next 4-5 days, you will be on IV (intravenous ) medications, which are antibiotics and pain killers.
After 2-3 days you will usually be allowed to take in liquids again, depending on when wind begins to pass through your anus.
The catheter will be removed after 6 to 7 days. Also after 6-7 days you will start walking again.
Dilation will be started 5-7 days after surgery. Dr. Kaushik will instruct you on how to do dilation properly and you will learn it fast.
You have to maintain local hygiene, which consists of washing your genitalia with a betadine mix (water and betadine solution) for about 3 weeks.
It will also be required that you wear a sanitary pad for the initial few weeks after surgery until discharge becomes less.

Sexual activity usually can be resumed after 1 ½ – 2 months.

The usual hospital stay for Indian clients is 7 to 10 days.

For overseas patients, a stay of two weeks is recommended to ensure complete recovery under Dr. Kaushik’s personal supervision before departure.

You can find the Dilation Instructions after OLMEC SIGMA-LEAD vaginoplasty:- Dilation Instruction after Srs.