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Post Burn Scars and Contracture Correction

Burn injuries are the most painful injuries and more painful is the impressions on the skin in the form of scars. The effects of burn injuries can be very much disturbing and frustrating. It is always a challenge for the doctors to bring back the earlier status of the skin. Cosmetic surgery is the best alternative to correct the post-burn scars and regain the looks. Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Hospital has the best facilities to treat post-burn scars. The team of experts under the guidance of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik works hard to regain the earlier stage. It helps the patients to regain the confidence and self-respect up to a great extent.

What are post-burn scars and contractures?

Burn injuries are normally deeper in the skin and difficult to heal. Even if the injuries are at superficial level, they leave scars on the skin after getting completely healed. Deeper burns, commonly known as second-degree burns have a very deep impact and also take a long time to heal. Although doctors work hard to keep the scars at a minimum level by suggesting physical therapy, there might be cases where cosmetic surgery is the only method to remove them completely. Scarring is, in fact, the process to help in healing the wounds. However, the appearance of the scars on the skin affects the looks adversely. Contractures are the restriction of movement that is caused due to the healing process of burn wounds. The burn injuries take a lot of time to heal because it requires growing and replacing the completely damaged skin. The process is tame consuming and there is a dehydration of tissues and skin resulting in deformation and contractures. There is restriction of movements and stiffness to the muscles and joints that can be an after-effect of contractures. An ideal situation is complete healing of the wounds without any contracture. However, it is only a theoretical concept and in reality, there are hardly any cases without contractures. Cosmetic surgeon Dr Narendra Kaushik has treated many patients with burn injuries and restored near-normal situation.

Burn deformities and treatment

  • Keloid scars: These are thick and itchy clusters of tissues that normally get developed around the edges of the wound.
  • Hypertrophic scars: These are similar to the Keloid scars. The only difference is that these scars are in the boundaries of the wounds.
  • Burn deformities and contractures: These deformities or contractures occur when a burn wound gets healed and during the process of healing, the surrounding skin gets pulled and becomes tight. The result is a deformity and restriction of the movement. The treatment becomes extremely necessary in order to restore the functional movement. The treatment varies from the type of scars and it might be simple to extremely complicated and critical. Clinics like Olmec have the best treatment facilities to correct the deformity up to maximum possible extent. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik plans the treatment according to the condition and requirement of the patient. There are many scar-removal processes and procedures are available and the best is selected out of it. The surgery is performed at the Hospital under local or general anaesthesia depending upon the need and condition of the patients.
    • Laser surgery: It is one of the latest techniques and it has become extremely popular because of ease of use and speedy recovery. Different types of lasers are used for making the skin smooth, flat and to regain the natural colour of the burnt skin.
    • Skin grafting: Doctors go for skin grafting when there is a severe damage to the skin and there is no alternative than grafting the healthy skin taken from other parts of the body.
    • Skin flap: This is another popular surgery that is chosen when the injury is deeper. Along with the skin, the fat tissues, and blood vessels and even in rare cases, the muscles are also taken and grafted on the affected area.
    • Tissue expansion: This technique is used by the cosmetic surgeons when the damage is deeper. The existing tissues are expanded and increased to cause the reconstruction.

Reconstruction of post-burn scars and contractures is certainly not an easy thing, but the expert doctors like Dr. Narendra Kaushik and the experienced team at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery Centre will try to make the pre-injury state as maximum as possible. Treatment of scar correction takes a long time and therefore extreme dedication is required to produce the desired results in the quickest possible time.