Laser Hair Reduction

In females, male pattern hair growth over face, chest, back, breasts and tummy is being seen commonly nowadays. The hormonal imbalance like raised testosterone especially because of commonly found polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) may be the main culprit. Moreover, there is an increase in trend to remove excessive hairs even in normal areas like brows, armpits, pubic areas and even face, arms, chest and back in hairy males.


  • Removal of unwanted hairs especially in females
  • To shape the eyebrows
  • Removal of armpit hair / to define the bikini line / pubic hair
  • To remove hairs in transgender patients (male to female)
  • To reduce hairs over face, arms, chest and back in hairy males

Duration of Procedure: 15 minutes to 1 hr. depending on number of areas.

Anesthesia: Not required

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