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Facial Fractures

Facial bone fractures (like around eyes, cheekbone, nose and jaw) are common sequelae of injury or accidents. Early diagnosis and early reconstruction with plastic surgery is a boon to get excellent outcome in the form of cosmetic appearance. Often owing to swelling over face, the fractures are missed or more precisely ignored, thus a plastic surgeon’s opinion is highly recommended along with CT scan (usually 3D reconstruction) to rule out the facial bone fractures. The delayed treatment invariably leads to hampered outcome as the displaced facial bones unite fast at wrong places.

Usual symptoms and signs of facial fractures are swelling, blurry vision / double vision, asymmetry of face, eyes not in their normal position, swollen or flattened cheek, bruises on face and numbness of upper lip, nose or cheek.

The most common fracture is nasal bone fracture and should not be taken lightly. Immediate intervention by plastic surgeon not only treats it but also the nose can be reshaped to make it more beautiful.

Other fractures include fracture mandible (jaw fracture), fracture zygoma, orbital fracture and maxillary fractures.

The fracture sites are replaced in their normal position and fixed with miniature plating system which is absolutely safe. The treatment is usually carried out through inside the mouth and doesn’t leave any mark over the face.

In old cases of facial fractures, the deformities of face can be corrected with reconstructive surgery with satisfying results.