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Tissue Expanders

Tissue Expanders

Tissue expander is a special technique used by plastic surgeons for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. The technique is very useful in reconstruction of skin tissues post-traumatic problems, or to correct the shape and size for cosmetic purpose. Olmec Cosmetic Surgery is one of the best places to undergo this surgery because of the best facilities and expert doctors that can perform it with maximum accuracy!

How tissue expanders help?

Reconstruction of skin is essential after traumatic disorders like accidents or burns, after major surgeries of cancer and even in case of cosmetic reconstruction like breast lift and breast enlargement. The tissue reconstruction in natural way is very limited and therefore doctors use tissue expander to generate well-matched tissues that can bring back the shape and size of the body part in the most natural manner. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik considers it as one of the effective technique for cosmetic reconstruction like breast correction and enlargement. Most breast reconstruction is done in various steps and tissue expanders are inserted in the first step in the breast behind the chest muscle. Slowly these tissue expanders are filled with saline water. In the second stage, these tissue expanders are replaced with the breast implant of the patient’s choice.

How tissue expanders help?

Tissue expander are widely used at plastic surgery clinics like Olmec Cosmetic Surgery because of their effectiveness in terms of regaining the shape and size of the body parts as close to normal condition. Apart from cosmetic surgeries, it can be very useful in correction of post-burn scars of the face, correction of post-crash injuries, post-burn contraction of the neck, and many other types of injuries. It is a slow, but simple and safe reconstructive method and Dr. Narendra Kaushik terms it as one of the best method to manage tissue construction with the excellent results!

Why only tissue expanders?

The main reasons why tissue expander are used because of:

  • There are smaller scars and fast healing using tissue expander
  • The amount of pain is much less as compared to the other techniques
  • Less time required for healing
  • Provides better reconstruction and near normal recovery

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik uses this technique extensively at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery and there are testimonials of thousands of satisfied customers that have benefited from this efficient and easy technique. There are various studies have been done on the effectiveness and post-surgery complication of tissue expander and it is clearly evident that this is one of the safest and fastest method of tissue generation.

Tissue expander helps grow extra skin also through controlled mechanical overstretch. The quality, colour, texture and thickness is almost similar to the natural skin tissues. They are used by plastic surgeons very widely to create additional skin with perfect match of the natural looks and to repair damages caused by various reasons. Surgeons use in surgical procedure to lower the hairline and the results are fabulous.


The technique to use tissue expanders prove to be one of the safest and fastest methods producing excellent results. The speedy recovery makes the patients more comfortable in quickest time and it is possible to start the normal life soon. Olmec Cosmetic Surgery has tried it on many patients and under the guidance of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Bakshi; it has been proven to be extremely effective and successful method of reconstruction of the tissues!