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Gender Reassignment Surgery (Male to Female)

If a boy feels emotionally like a girl, he may be having Gender Identity Disorder / Gender Dysphoria. In this, a male feels that he is a girl trapped in a male body. This can be corrected successfully with Gender Affirmation Surgery, also called for Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) or simply a sex change operation. Before these procedures, the candidate needs to be evaluated by our team including psychologist and endocrinologist.

This involves various surgical procedures to make you a complete female. The various procedures are:

Breast Augmentation – The breast size can be enhanced as per individual requirement giving an absolutely natural look. The result is rewarding giving natural looking, perkier and good shape breasts leading to tremendous boost up in self-esteem and confidence.

Procedure: This is done with breast implants (silicone implants). The implants are very well accepted by the body with no side effects. Minimal to moderate enhancement may be achieved with fat grafting also, in which fat is harvested from your own body and is put into the breasts.

Duration of Procedure: 1 to 11/2 hrs. You may go home on the same day.

Anesthesia: General or Local with sedation

Recovery Time: 1 to 2 days

Genital Surgery – Sex reassignment surgery for M to F creates female sexual organs that look as natural as possible and that allow as much sexual arousal as possible.

Procedure: This involves removal of the penile muscle and tissue, the testicles, and reshaping the external genitalia to appear like female genitalia. The vagina is made with penile skin inversion and/or sigmoid colon technique so that vagina is deep enough to allow normal sexual intercourse.

Duration of Procedure: : 3 to 5 hrs. Anesthesia: General / Regional

Recovery Time: 7 to 10 days. You may need stay of 2 to 7 days as per need

Other recommended procedures:

Facial feminization surgery: Like Jaw correction, chin correction, hair transplant, nose reshaping, brow lift, cheek implants, lip augmentation, dimple creation

Buttock Augmentation: This is achieved either with autologous fat grafting (Brazilian butt lift) or with buttock implants.

Voice Feminization / Modulation Surgery

Tracheal shave (Adam’s Apple Correction )

Laser Hair Removal

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