Scar Removal / Acne, Chickenpox Mark Removal

Ugly scars are not only a constant source of great distress, anguish and inferiority feelings, but can also materially lower your employment prospects in the kind of job that needs meeting or entertaining a wide variety of people.


  • To remove / minimize large depressed pigmented scars of trauma, burns or previous surgery
  • To remove or minimize acne / chicken pox marks

Duration of Procedure: 1 – 3 hrs.

Recovery Time: Immediate

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person




Some persons have tendency of keloid formation. Keloids are large lobulated scars that grow beyond the edges of the original wound. They are often red, darker and itchy. Keloids can occur anywhere on the body, but mostly they occur over breast bone, shoulder, ear lobes and areas of movements (near joints). People with darker skin have more tendencies for keloid scars. Keloids are often treated with combination therapy like plastic surgery, steroid (triamcinolone) injection, pressure therapy and silicone sheets. Recently lasers have been claimed to get good results.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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