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Burns are one of the most complicated and elaborate processes of cosmetic surgery. A thorough process of surgery to repair the damaged cells, tissues and skin are necessary in this process. As a result, reconstruction process after the skin’s exposure to fire turns out to be a complicated process. Need of expertise and adroit suggestion is the necessity of the process. Another big avenue of cosmetic Surgery is Burn reconstruction. Several approaches towards reconstruction are there that accords the derangement and the damage a body incurs.

With expertise like cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik and the advent of modernize surgical procedures like Olmec Cosmetic Surgery, the recovery of the burns and other physical damage does no more remain an unending pain. With detailed surgical application and advanced medical appliances there is a better improvement in the flexibility, response and appearance of the damaged and inflated part of the skin. Plastic surgery as part of the cosmetic healing procedure is an intricate process with various contrivances. Let us have an understanding of the various avenues of Plastic surgery as the process of rejuvenation for the distorted part of the skin and muscles.

The science of reconstructing a part of the distorted skin by taking the skin from another part of the body is called skin grafting,a series of surgery that include, removal of several skin patches from one part of the body and its replacement to the affected part. The process is normally completed under the general anesthesia. This process includes the selection of the donor site which is normally the area of the body which is cloth covered. A scar free removal of the skin from the donor site is beyond the general expectation. Sterilized dressing is a very important part of the surgery. If a donor site is not sterilized and dressed properly then there are huge chances of the skin becoming infection-prone. Number of skin layers replaced depends on the density of the damage, deeper the damage denser is the replacement. Deeper damage adds up to the perplexity of the grafting procedure, however an expert hand and precise knowledge makes the magic.

Tissue expansion is another approach used by the cosmetic surgeons to grow new skin without any artificial replacement. In this process a balloon sized expander which is filled with briny solution is inserted under the affected area. The saline solution helps newer cells to grow and expand. This calls for natural growth of newer skin. Free from side effects, this process takes up three-four months for the whole process to get accomplished.

Microsurgery is yet another procedure of reconstruction of burned skin. In this process surgeon takes assistance of a microscope in the process of growing new layer of skin. Microsurgery is done when blood vessels and nerves are required to be made good or reattached.

Like skin grafting, free flap procedure also takes healthy tissues from one part of the body and uses it to repair burned skin. In this process bone, muscles and skin transplanted using the original blood supply. Healing time under the free flap procedure is eight weeks or more.

High quality cosmetic surgery calls for a steady advancement and modernization in its process. . Olmec Cosmetic Surgery is one such development in the field of cosmetology. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik makes sure providing peerless care to burned skin victims.Acute burn cases require immediate treatment. Some patients report late, this result in functional abnormality and major scars. Some cases might require more than one plastic surgery to rectify the irregularity. In some cases burned skin is covered for a few days to prevent further complications like ugly scar formations or other deformities.

Plastic surgery comes as a rescue to skin injuries and burn reconstruction cases. It prevents several perplexities and put back normal movement of any part of the body. It restores normality in your life. It brings back to life dormant burnt victim. With Olmec Cosmetic Surgery many burnt victims have got back to normality.

If a burn case strikes a family, do not panic! Just take the wisest step of calling up the specialist. With advance technology and better equipment’s a burnt victim coming back to a regular life is no more an unrealistic dream. After a surgery taking place in the part of a body, some preventive measures are mandatory to prevent forthcoming complications and severe infections. Along with safe sterilization, proper medication and time to time consultation with the specialist is must for fast recovery.