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Hypospadius: Occurrence and Treatment

When a baby boy arrives with usual penis but the tip or opening of his penis is abnormal, that is, somewhere below or in the middle of penis, he is said to be having Hypospadius. While it can be frustrating for parents to see such an abnormality, better news is that this annoyance it momentary because the problem can be comfortably tackled with a specialized approach. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik has successfully treated many cases of Hypospadius and hence it does not remain a curse anymore for the parents or the child.

Olmec Cosmetic Surgery has variety of options and a well-equipped centre to treat mild to severe cases of Hypospadius. If a case of Hypospadius has been noticed in your family, or some close acquaintance, here is the solution!

Why and how does Hypospadius occur?

Statistics show the occurrence Hypospadius is one in approx 300 baby boys born. Majority of the ailment is in milder stage but whatsoever the level of severity, treatment is must. Form of conduct to Hypospadius is cosmetic surgery and therefore it is vital that the cure comes from some specialist as cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik.

It is significant to know that the urinary tube, medically known as urethra, develops during sixth to fourteenth weeks of pregnancy. But its growth is likely to interrupt if the male hormone gets scarce. Progesterone consumption by mother can be yet another cause of Hypsopadius. Besides such identified grounds, Hypospadius may as well occur for reasons unknown. This disorder is entirely a developmental issue and is least likely to be parental.

What if Hypospadius is not treated?

Hampered or distracted urination is the most evident outcome of mild Hypospadius since the hole where urine is discharged is not in place. If the opening is somewhere on the chordee (or curvature of the penis), it is severer as it may disrupt sexual functioning when the child grows. Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik shares some facts in this respect:

  • Fertility usually remains unaffected from Hypospadius, but the mechanism can hamper if this is not treated.
  • The ailment does not impact individual’s ability to control or release urine. However urinating might turn out embarrassing in later years.
  • Urinary infections are not likely either, yet doctors recommend a cosmetic surgery just to avoid any probability.

Treatment Hypospadius at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery

Treatment to Hypospadius is approached through cosmetic surgery. Whether the objective is to establish usual functioning of penis in mild cases or leveling of penis and reshaping of urethra in severe ones, we at Olmec Cosmec Surgery have world class amenities to cure Hypospadius. 99% of the conducts at our centre are successful, thanks to the experienced and skillful hands of Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik.

Surgery options available to treat different forms of Hypospadius at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery are as under:

  • When curvature of the penis is to be straightened, aim of the cosmetic surgery is to release fibrous bands lying underneath the penis. A sophisticated surgery may be required when the problems is harsher.
  • Removal and replenishing of the foreskin is essential when urethra has to be lengthened. This procedure can be as well needed if ventral skin defect is found.
  • Insertion of a catheter gets mandatory so as to manage duration of urine discharge.
  • Hypospadius is best treated by the time child reaches 6 to 18 month age group. This is the time when anesthesia can be securely conducted. Subsequent the treatment at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery, you can take along the child after some hours of observation. It is that simple! The surgery too does not last longer than 1 to 3 hours.
  • Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik advises surgery to Hypospadius in childhood years, i.e. as early as it can. Hazard of complications is higher when child has grown up.

Hypospadius can be unfortunate and may hamper your child’s future only when untreated. If diagnosed, better get it done at a recognized medical centre as Olmec Cosmetic Surgery. After all you will want to make sure a promising and bright future for your child as a sensible parent!