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Nose Reshaping | Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nose is the center of the human face, standing as one of the most important features. It is important to our overall appearance. Even a little deformity of the nose can make a face unpleasant while a well-shaped nose that fits natural on the face makes a face appealing and pleasing. It goes without saying that mismatching nose makes us conscious of our looks and lowers our self-esteem. The change in the nose with cosmetic surgery gives immense benefits, positively changing looks making you self-confident.

The purpose:

  • To reshape the nose so that it harmonizes with other facial features
  • To correct deviated nose or nasal septum (DNS) thus solving the problems of breathing / frequent bouts of common cold popularly known as functional Rhinoplasty or Septorhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Procedure:

The procedure is carried out usually from inside the nostrils. It is painless without any scar mark. Dr. Kaushik assesses the bones, cartilages and soft tissues for deformities. With meticulous planning, the deformities like a deviated nose, broad and big nose, boxy tip / hanging tip or depressed nose, are corrected. If present the surgeon corrects the septal deviation i.e. deviated nasal septum (DNS) at the same time.

Types of Nose Jobs

Nose Job for Irregular Nasal Tip or Bulbous Nose Tip

The nasal tip is one of the first things anyone sees on your face. The nasal tip is the end of your nose. Nasal tips sit upon on underlying Nasal cartilage. The occurrence of an irregular Nasal tip is common. Most common reason for the occurrence of irregular Nasal Tip is genetically inherited. Sometimes due to failed rhinoplasty surgery or any accident in past may also create irregular nose tip. The irregular nasal tip can be corrected with the help of proper nose job surgery.

Plastic surgeons operate underlying cartilage to make your nasal tip look symmetrical on both side. Nasal tip correction is effective when your face is fully grown. Though there is no age restriction and limitation to get Nasal tip correction. but when you are fully grown your nasal tip becomes less elastic and results are relatively better. In most cases, Rhinoplasty or Nose job takes the time to settle down with good results. It may be 9 months or a Year.

Fixing Crooked Nose

Many times we see people with the crooked nose. It is not obvious that when you look into the mirror and find yourself with the Crooked Nose or Deviated Nose. Deviated Nose is inherited they are there from your childhood to your adolescences. Dr. Kauhsik specializes in Correcting crooked noses.

Crooked Nose is a result of your nasal septum and bones not lying in the midline of your face hence your nose appears to be crooked. Sometimes while playing or some other reasons children injure their nose and as a result, they grew with the deviated nose. Deviated Nose can also be found in patients with unsuccessful rhinoplasties. The only way to correct the crooked nose is to bring the septum and bone in the harmony and midline of your face. Dr Narendra Kaushik operates many patients with a crooked nose. A Crooked nose is the most common facial feature for many in India.

Sharp Nasal Tip

Sharp Nasal tip correction can also be discussed in the above paragraph. But the reason behind it is discussed here is that it requires extra effort, and skill to correct the Sharp or projected Nasal tip. you have often teased people with the projected nose as it appears to come out from their face. With the excess length of the nasal tip, Nose appears to be big in size and irregular.

One way to correct the projected nasal tip is to go with the traditional method of resetting and working on the underlying cartilage. If the projection is too sharp and can not be corrected with working Nasal tip itself. We have to work on the Maxilla spine of the nose responsible for the projection.
Sometimes working on both the nasal tip and Maxilla Spine is required to get the better results. This depends upon your evaluation with the doctor.

Spread or Wide Nose

Wide Nose can only be noticed from a front angle as wide nose appears normal from a side angle. When you have a thick nose skin your nose appears wide. While if the underlying bone structure of your nose is wide and spread your nose appears to be wide and such noses are difficult to operate upon.

When your Nose skin is thick, it can be reduced and made thin by working on the skin. Making your skin thin has some limitations and great results are difficult to achieve in this case.

The second way it to work on the underlying bone structure without disturbing your breathing functions. You have to consult an experienced and senior plastic surgeon to get it done. Because working on the bone structure requires great knowledge of nasal anatomy and structure. Prior evaluation is always required.

Depressed Nose or Ski Nose

Depressed Nose condition is the condition in which the nasal bone between the top bone of nose near forehead is depressed and indented to the rest of the nose. Depressed Nose is corrected by raising the area of depression. Grafts or cartilage helps in raising the area of depression. Mostly grafts or cartilage are harvested from the ear bone.

If the depression is major then such depression can not correct using ear bone cartilage because they are short, In such cases, grafts which are strong, long and stiff are prepared from the Rib cartilage.

Big Nose

If you have a big nose, it can be corrected with the rhinoplasty, You have to find a good cosmetic surgeon. Big Nose is due to the underlying bone structure and thick skin. Multiple methods to reshape your nose may be required depending on the evaluation. A good and experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon will help you in this regards. Big Noses are very complex to treat.

Though you have a big nose, an extremely small nose cannot be offered to you. A surgeon should always be realistic in terms of results and should explain this thing during the evaluation. Extremely small nose damage your facial harmony. Thus a big nose is corrected to the size which will suit you.

Big Nose is corrected by working underlying bone structure of the nose as discussed in the wide nose section of this page without disturbing you breathing function. A reduction in nose thickness and working on the tip may also be required. Depending upon the evaluation proper planning is done to get desired results.

Humps on the Nose

Nasal hump removal is one of the most common surgeries performed in cosmetic surgery, We can say that removing Nasal hump is the most common rhinoplasty performed nowadays. Nasal humps are genetically formed and they can be of any shape. To get Nasal hump removed you must at least wait for 18 years of age. As your face and nose structure changes continuously till then.

If your only problem is hump then removal of Hump is an easy task and can be done by filling the underlying cartilage.

Rhinoplasty Cost Analysis

When you are considering rhinoplasty/nose reshaping, Cost of rhinoplasty is an important factor to consider.

Cosmetic surgeons perform rhinoplasty. It is one of the complex procedure. Rhinoplasty involves thorough preparation and analysis of current shape and the shape that you want to have. Such complex analysis adds up to the cost, Rhinoplasty cost, in general, includes Surgeon’s fee, Implant price used in the surgery, operation theatre fee and most importantly anesthesia medicine fee used during the rhinoplasty surgery.

The extent of rhinoplasty is also one of the cost deciding factor. For example, primary rhinoplasty is cost-effective while corrective rhinoplasty is expensive. Corrective rhinoplasty needs more complex analysis of the subject and extent of damage that was done in your last nose reshaping. The average cost of rhinoplasty in Delhi is about 80,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR. This price is inclusive of all the main factors discussed above.

Corrective rhinoplasty or Secondary rhinoplasty price can go up to 1,50,000. Rhinoplasty cost may vary from city to city, for example, nose reshaping performed in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad may cost more than the rhinoplasty cost in small cities. The chances of better rhinoplasty are more in metro cities because doctors here have more experience in performing rhinoplasty.Surgeons perform cosmetic surgery more in metro cities compared to any small town.

Dr. Kaushik with his team has performed many primary as well as secondary rhinoplasties over his 14 years of experience in cosmetic surgery field.

Since rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, According to the law appropriate service tax is applicable on the entire cost of rhinoplasty. Before the commencement of GST 15 % of Service tax is applicable which includes 14% Service tax, 0.5 Swachh Bharat Cess, and 0.5% Krishi Kalyan Cess. There are no updates about how much GST will be applicable on cosmetic surgeries. You can find more information on service tax on cosmetic surgery.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


Rhinoplasty in brief

Duration of Procedure: Rhinoplasty is a handy process, It is well-planned surgery and takes time. Rhinoplasty Takes Approximately 1-4 hrs

Anaesthesia: Dr. Kaushik performs rhinoplasty or nose reshaping in general or local anesthesia with sedation.

Recovery Time for Rhinoplasty: Back to work in 7 days. You will require a nasal pack for 2- 5 days. Sometimes you may need a dressing over nose for about 2 to 3 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a large or depicted big nose/ my nose gives me bad looks in photos. Could a rhinoplasty/nose job help me?
Nose being the first representative of joy. Yes, Rhinoplasty will surely help by changing your nose, and overall looks in a highly positive way. Whether the nose is small or large, nose job/rhinoplasty aims to make it in proportion to the rest of your face thus changing your overall facial profile.

What should I need I am confused? I just know I don’t like my nose!
Not only you, but there are also millions, who somehow are not satisfied, by the shapes of their nose. We understand this. Dr. Narendra Kaushik with face to face consultation will help you to decide what you need. With proper planning, Dr. Kaushik will discuss the required charges. He will perform the nose job subsequently to help you to achieve your goal of a nose that makes you smile. Overall rhinoplasty will change your looks making you much more confident.

What is rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty also popular as nose job/nose reshaping and it is a surgical procedure that surgeons can carry out to change the shape or look of the nose. We can also improve its function (breathing problem) due to defects (like cleft lip/palate) or after trauma.
The word “rhino” means “nose” and “plasty” means to shape or “mold.” Thus rhinoplasty means “to shape or mold the nose.” Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery.

What all Dr. Kaushik can with rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty aims to harmonize the nose with the facial profile making it Beautiful still unexpected. We can make the noses smaller or bigger.
We can make the noses narrower or wider. Rhinoplasty surgery can correct bumps over the nose. Dr. Kaushik can lift Noses. Surgeons can refine the tip and make it sharper and smaller, to give it a bright look. Doctors can make large nose small to match it with your looks. Cosmetic surgeons can make deviated nose straight. Rhinoplasty is a procedure which makes your nose as per your requirement and gives your nose a beautiful shape. Rhinoplasty also corrects deviated septum also known as Septoplasty. Corrections of breathing problem by correcting deviated/extra large nose or nose bones.

What is the age limit for Rhinoplasty?
Once the child has completed growth, He/she can undergo rhinoplasty. That means 12-14 yrs for girls and 14-16 yrs for boys can undergo Rhinoplasty. As far as the individual Health is concerned, there is no upper age limit for nose job/ rhinoplasty. However, in some cases, Surgeons can do nose reshaping in younger patients who have cleft lip, nose trauma or have a birth deformity.

Is there any alternative to rhinoplasty?
No, there is no other option to correct your nose other than rhinoplasty.

How long will the results last?
Rhinoplasty results are as natural and beautiful.


Will everyone know that I have had a rhinoplasty/ nose job done?
The goal of rhinoplasty is to mold your nose in harmony with rest of the face. People will comment that you look much better than before after having rhinoplasty. Without noticing that someone has operated your nose. This is incredibly satisfying fact about rrhinoplastyhinoplasty or any cosmetic surgery to make your looks better.
After rhinoplasty, your identity of having large/ bad looking nose goes away, as the nose gets harmonized look. Obviously, a good looking nose is a feeling of attraction giving good looks to the face.

How can I prepare for Rhinoplasty?
The first thing is to get an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Narendra Kaushik MBBS, MS, MCH, DNB a Plastic surgeon for evaluation of your nose. Patient from outside can get an online consultation on [email protected] or can get an appointment for Skype, the patient from Delhi or nearby can visit Dr. Kaushik personally. Make an appointment on helpline 09650180145 to get face to face consultation timings.
After the consultation, you may plan for the procedure as per your convenience. As per protocol you have to book the date for the procedure in advance. As there is waiting period to schedule your surgery.

What can I expect during the day of rhinoplasty?
You will be fasting on a day, before the procedure. Surgeons perform rhinoplasty under general anesthesia that is you will be unconscious. During the procedure, you won’t feel anything. Dr. Kaushik makes the necessary changes to the bones of the nose as discussed during the consultation.