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Message From Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Narendra Kaushik
Plastic Surgeon

It is my honour to introduce you to one of the most innovative and creative surgical specialty- Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. The word ‘plastic’ in plastic surgery has been derived from the Greek word ‘plastikos’ which means to mould. With its two ramifications, cosmetic (aesthetic) and reconstructive surgery, the art and craft of plastic surgery is restoration of form (looks) and function in the best possible way. We are proud to declare this specialty as a “problem solving specialty” in which the plastic surgeon effortlessly fixes the flaws from tip to toe.

Today is the era of confident personality and good looks with no functional compromise. Everybody around us wants to look beautiful and feel more confident. Gone are the days when one could not do anything concrete to ensure good looks. Today with the most advanced and international standard plastic surgery procedures, anyone can get look they ever dreamt of.

Society is more comfortable talking about cosmetic surgery than ever before. More and more people are accepting and indeed feel honored to undergo cosmetic surgery. In this era of good looks there is nothing wrong if you want to change the way you look.

Cosmetic surgery offers an endless armamentarium (surgical and non-surgical) to enhance one’s appearance and function. Most of the cosmetic procedures we do, have an inherent element of functional correction e.g. nose reshaping can improve breathing, eyelid lift can improve field of vision, breast reduction may relieve shoulder pain and tummy-tuck may help you get relief in knee problems and exercise better , in turn improving overall well-being.

The boost in self confidence and self-esteem that comes along with cosmetic procedure goes a long way in improving our own and others perception of ourselves.

If you want to look as you feel or fix a lifelong flaw that is bothering you – Olmec with its state of art facilities and advanced technologies, will help you in a natural and safe way.

I personally assure you the highest quality of treatment to suit your needs and achieve desired results.

Plastic Surgeon