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“Make me beautiful” is really the most constantly conveyed message that our clients state when they come to us.
Dr. Kaushik always puts it that way:
“Clients come to me because I achieve to help them look the same – only more beauti-
ful, the most stunning version of themselves.”

People nowadays are much more comfortable owning their self-care rituals and that includes surgery also. They even post the results or steps they take to achieve their desired goal on social media, something that was considered some kind of taboo not too long ago. Especially today‘s women own up to the fact that they don‘t have to apolo-
gize for their decisions, whatever that may be in every aspect of their lives. Today‘s children grow up seeing and experiencing this attitude and behavior and for them, it becomes a totally acceptable norm which they incorporate into their life plan and set of values easily.
Affordable treatments brought in reach for middle-class family women to regain some of their beauty and shine they feel they lost during the having and raising children phase of their lives and restoring the former, beautiful, glowing self becomes a natural and inevitable thing to do. Technical and medical equipment advances further contributed largely to this development since having cosmetic surgery in our time is as safe as never before in human history. The time of the “Beverly Hills women who had their faces done (because they could afford to do so)” are long gone and realizing individual beauty is now in reach for everybody who wants to do so makes it the natural choice for every individual who seeks the best and most beautiful version of the self.
Techniques and medical equipment for cosmetic procedures have continuously become safer and more reliable, and thus the surgical results have become more predictable and this trend will continue to further evolve in that way. We are doing away with the idea that cosmetic surgery and looking beautiful is a luxury only for the rich and famous. It‘s a real and affordable solution to help people feel better, boost their self-esteem and it has become quite normal to have your neighbor, sister, co-worker or friend talk about breast augmentation, a facelift, a tummy tuck or about
body shaping.