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Hymenoplasty Ethical or Not?

Hymenoplasty(Revirginity Surgery) – Ethical and Cultural Discussion

As the name suggests there are many controversies revolve around the word “Revirginity”. Hymenoplasty, Hymen Repair, Hymen Surgery or Hymen Restoration all these names refers to the same procedure (Procedure for virginity). Compared to the other female aesthetic vaginal procedure, Hymenoplasty is one of the most performed Cosmetic Procedure. Many theories purpose Hymenoplasty as a Reconstructive Procedure. Someone treating as an aesthetic procedure may be misleading. World Health Organization considered “Revirginity Procedure” as a female genital mutilation method.

We have often heard or read the statement “A Woman’s future can hang, Literally, By a Membrane”. We are here to discuss the same statement. Central to this discussion there is one of the most asked questions ” Is Hymenoplasty an ethical procedure?”. For many surgeons around the world performing Revirginity Surgery is the secretive thing. There is always a fear of Social ostracism or physical harm.

“Virginity” has a very important place in every religion and culture. Hymenoplasty is performed in every religion of the world. It is one of the most secretive procedures performed which makes it least researched and surveyed aesthetic procedure till date. There is rarely any follow up after the surgery. We can easily find the influence of religion, traditional custom regarding this procedure in society’s legal codes. In Many countries, these kinds of procedures are offered as a social obligation for the safety of the women requesting it. In such countries, there is always a chance of punitive consequences against the performing surgeon.

“Intact Hymen” is considered as the sign of virginity. The presence of “Unbroken Hymen” is consistent with moral behaviour and considered as the indication of Moral behaviour and Integrity. There are many stories regarding the establishment of virginity before the marriage. In different forms and method virginity of a woman is established. Few tales that I have heard about 1.) A physical examination before the marriage by a professional medical practitioner 2.) Breaking of Intact Hymen by an inspector’s index finger with some cotton or silk cloth on it 3.) Mother-in-law present during the first night 4.) Proud displaying the blood stained sheet after the first night.

Confirmation of virginity before the marriage is most important thing in the major religions around the world. Finding of any premarital sexual activity by any of the methods above or in some other way leads to the cancellation of the marriage and leads to the physical abuse, public humiliation, banishment, imprisonment or even death sentences by law or Honor Killing for the woman. Believe it not according to recent research in Egypt conducted specially for hymenoplasty shows the decrease in cleansing murders by 80% in comparison with the last decade’s records.

Hymenoplasty is now considered and categorised as the General Genital Cosmetic Procedure by ethics committees of multiple international medical societies and WHO ( World Health Organization). Ethicists are supporting the physician’s decisions for performing Hymenoplasty, This decision will help many women from adverse consequences. In many countries, surgeons have taken initiatives to lower the surgical fees for such kind of procedures.

According to us Procedure like Hymenoplasty, Vaginal tightening opens the door for the women to the new life. Women who have been mutilated and sexually abused, Women who want to regain the confidence that they had during their first intercourse. Hymenoplasty can only become obsolete if we all learn and accept that bleeding and Hymenal examinations are not a certificate of Good virtue.

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