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Micro Vascular And Neural Surgery

Microsurgery – Micro Vascular And Neural Surgery

About Microsurgery:

A general category of surgery which requires the support of an operating microscope for the successful completion of the operation is known as microsurgery. These are critical operation which requires high end expertise by the doctors for success. This surgery is performed on micro structures of the human body like nerves as well as blood vessels, with use of specialized instrument like microscope.

Areas of Microsurgery and its purpose:

The procedures of micro surgery are conducted for those specific parts of body which can be visualized best under a microscope. The invention of these techniques of treatment was done by the surgeons during the early twentieth century. The same is practiced even for organ transplantation and blood vessel repair. But the same is possible only under the conditions when the operation of the traditional vascular surgery seems impossible.

The major instrument of getting this surgery done is the microscope for the operating room. It magnifies the areas of the body to be operated and thereby anastomose the blood vessels and nerves of the area. This reconstruction surgery is mainly used on those patients who are suffering from problems of reconstructive surgery. The doctors decide to go for this surgery when the patient is no responding to traditional surgeries like skin grafting, primary closure, local or regional flap transfer etc.

But microsurgery is not always the best solution for all types of reconstructive dilemmas, and not the first preferred choice for any micro surgery specialist. It is actually a medical art which offers the surgeon a most important tool for achieving the target of complex reconstruction by using the process of free tissue transfer from other parts of the human body. By free tissue transfer we mean to say:

  • Transfer of composite tissue
  • Isolated transfers
  • vascularized bone grafts
  • Transplantation of the toe
  • Functioning of free muscle transfer

The benefit of microsurgery can be well understood when the same is used for the closure of the large defects on the face after the dissection of the tumor with process of free tissue transfer.

Micro Vascular Surgery:

This category of Microsurgery is done on very minute and small blood cells, which includes blood vessels which range from three to five millimeters in diameter. The instruments which are utilized in this surgery includes operating-room microscope, small needles having ultrafine sutures and other specialized instruments. Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik mastered the art of microsurgery and serving several patients through his own established institution of Olmec Cosmetic
Surgery, at New Delhi, India. Micro Vascular Surgery is prominently used in the task of reattaching the amputated parts again to the body, detached figures, arms as well as hands. This surgery is done by creating the magic of reconnection of the small blood vessels on the human body and again starting of the circulation for restoring the tissues of the amputated areas well before the same starts dying. The micro vascular surgery procedure can also be used on for reconstructive process of any human body parts. Feeling on those body parts which are amputated can again be restored and for that the surgeons need to go ahead for removing one nerve from detected body parts through local anesthesia and then the same is used for the repairing of the affected body parts. This surgery is very critical and need perfection.

Neural Surgery:

Active support is given by micro surgery to perform the task of Neural Surgery. Neural surgery is a special medical stream which helps in prevention, treatment, rehabilitation of disorders as well as diagnosis of the problems related to nervous system. In nervous system the parts included are peripheral nerves, brain, extra-cranial cerebrovascular system and also spinal cord.

Instruments used for conducting micro surgery at Olmec Cosmetic Surgery, at New Delhi, India:

  • Forceps
  • holders for the needle for suturing
  • vascular clamps in order to control the bleeding
  • clamp applicators
  • Scissors
  • Irrigators, to use for washing of the structure in the surgical field
  • vessel dilators, to use while opening the end which is cut of a specific blood vessel
  • Other standard surgical tools for surgery
  • Use of specialized thread as well as needles for stitching and Suturing of the operated areas

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Kaushik and the whole team of Olmec Cosmetic Surgery of New Delhi are working dedicatedly to give relief to all those patients who need the support to get back in normal life with micro surgery conducted under the supervision of the experts. Patients feel safe under the guidance and surgery of Dr. Narendra Kaushik.