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SRS Voice Feminisation

This letter serves to confirm that I am parent who accompanied my daughter to Olmec Clinic for the above procedures. My experiences with the hospital were as follows: Our communication with the hospital on making enquiries and making a booking was very professional and assuring we had many fears about Coming to a strange country but our fears were alleviated. Because we received feedback to our questions The hospital (clinic) is very clean. All needs are catered ‘for to ensure a comfortable stay. The nurses are friendly hardworking, compassionate, and very committed. The clearing staff is considerate, friendly and amazing The PR officer ensured that our stay is as comfortable. and as slate to home as possible In closure I would like to say that with most operations there are challenges but being at a hospital such a Olmec and having a Doctor such Dr. Kaushik and his wife, Dr. Shananda, most of our worries and fears were allocated.

Blepharoplasty Correction

Now I had a small value correction (labioplasty and clitoral hood plosty). I’m very grateful to Dr. Narendra and to other doctors of Olmec Clinic for the highest quality work. As result I have a fast and easy recovery. I had no complications and all my scars look perfect.
I’m also grateful to nurses for their kindness, responsiveness and cove. And all the Hospital staff for their work.
I believe that my visit to the clinic was the right decision and l will recommend Olmec to my friends.
Thank you very much!!!

Breast Augmentation, VFS

I have gone under my breast surgery , VFS , the staff was indeed very good , Cooperative , Nursing staff was very approachable , Receptionist Pratibha Mam was very kind and polite with me all the time . I felt her as my elder sister willing me all the time. Dr. Narendra Kaushik was very soft spoken with me. He made me explain all the advantages and disadvantages about all the surgical in detail. His Co Operation at the OT Room was very kind all the Doctors Inside very good. I Happy with this Hospital will same visit this Hospital for my facial surgery.


Dear Sir, Thank you so much for everything you have done so far for me and for me and for everyone related to this case till date. You are doing a wonderful job sir and God Bless you with tones of success ahead. Words are too less to express how I feel today after my surgeries, your efforts deserves to be appreciated. You are giving new life to so many people who are in need of happiness. Always be the same. Money cannot buy the care and dedication but your staff is so kind and cheerful. They all deserve a salute for being so good to all the patients. As I said words are too less to express, just be the same and wish you lots & lots of success ahead you cannot be forgotten over. Whether it be finances, care, surgery you have co – operated Sir. This Thank You is very less to express my gratitude towards you.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

I would like to convey my heartful thank to all of you, Olmec team. Specially to the Doctor, who gave me a new life.
All staff member are friendly with me and they were care of me and my health. Finally, thanking you all and for your kind Hospitality waiting to meet you all after six month for my post-surgery.

FFS Revision + BA

Please see my video testimonial. I am really happy with my preliminary visible results. My stay and the care I received were professional and I felt well taken care of. As a patient, I could feel that Dr. Kaushik is highly professional, skillful and an artist is a highly specialized field. I love how Dr. Kaushik is a caring – loving and down-to-earth person who has a love for his patients. All service team members, including kitchen staff, make you feel like being a member of a family and are really caring and are very good people.


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